Perspective on Healthcare

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Perspective on Health Care

Perspective on Health Care
Robert L. Brown
HCS/212 Health Care Vocabulary
Amanda Estes

Perspective on Health Care
The nursing field has become one of the most dynamic career fields to look into, I find this field challenging and very fulfilling. To take in consideration that you have changed or help save a life is a task within itself. I have become fund of the rehabilitation part of health care, whether working on activities of daily living or physically rehabilitating an injured or repaired limb I find this fascinating and rewarding.
I have had the pleasure of assisting many individuals on their road to recovery and with the proper training and discipline the task is easier and pleasant to the patient. The other interest I have is nursing; I have completed a License Practical Nursing program and plan to work towards receiving my Registered Nurse license in the near future. This will give me the opportunity to access and provide valuable medical care to many individuals who rely on the skills of a nurse to provide medication and care; this also allows time for teaching on taking medication proper techniques to prevent further injuries or simple medical knowledge.
Government health care programs have been around for many years dating back 100 years with President Teddy Roosevelt, there had been many debates and questions ask how we can provide better and affordable health care to the public. These are a few of the changes that have been implemented over the years, the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid in 1966 which have contributed to our growing deficit. This was the government’s introduction into the insurance business. This program is alive and going strong today, good or bad they provide many with health care benefits which might have never been able to receive. The introduction of the HMO act of 1974 which…...

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