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Persuasive Outline
Title of Presentation: Social Network Media Benefits in Business
Name of Presenter: Brian Cruz
Description of Business Audience and Context (and your role…who are you?):
I am a contracted sales and advertisement advisor speaking to a company’s higher management to inform them of the potential benefits from integrating social network media to our sales plan and why we should implement it into business.
Introduction: (attention grabber) Good afternoon, my name is ____ “Today I will be covering… (Get interrupted by cell phone) sorry about that I forgot to put my phone on silent. I just got another Facebook notification; a friend suggested that I “like”511 tactical gear. Anyone here have a Facebook account, LinkedIn or something of that sort?” How many of us have family, friends or acquaintances that use it?” What do you use it for? How often do you use it? I personally don’t know anyone who does not use it, and that’s what I’m here to talk about, Social networking media. It seems to be popping up everywhere around us. I see people waiting in lines using Facebook on their phones. Athletes Tweets being quoted on ESPN. Stephen Curry recently signed an endorsement contract with Under Armour and announced a visit to one of their stores on Twitter. I even am starting to notice commercials with the Facebook logo on the advertisement while stating, “Visit us on Facebook.”
Thesis Statement: Social media is medium that has great exposure to the public. Other companies are already using social media to promote their business. Our company will benefit by implementing social media into or advertisement strategies.

I. The forms of social media used in business A. Social Network 1. Facebook 2. LinkedIn B. Media Sharing 1. Youtube 2. Instagram C. Blogging / Micro blogging 1. Twitter 2. Tubmlr…...

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