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Physical Education Policy and Procedures
Attention Students/Parents/Guardians:
The Physical Education Department at SDSHS has prepared a document of our policy and procedures. Please read the following document and return the last page with your signatures by August 29, 2014.

Miami-Dade County Public School’s Attendance and Tardy Policy • Excused Absences 1. Student illness 2. Medical appointment 3. Death in the family 4. Observance of a religious holiday 5. School sponsored event or activity previously approved 6. Other absence beyond the control of the parent and student, as determined and approved by the principal or principal’s designee We also want you to note that, as per School Board Rule 6Gx13-5A-1.04, “a student who accumulates ten (10) or more unexcused absences in an annual course or five (5) unexcused absences in a designated semester course, will be subject to the withholding of passing final grade(s) pending a student/parent-requested administrative screening and/or review of all absences by the attendance review committee.” Furthermore, after 10 absences, a parent’s note will no longer be accepted, the school requests appropriate medical documentation from the health care provider.

Should students have an excused absence it is their responsibility to complete a make-up work assignment to receive credit for said day. Excused absence make-up work is found on the school’s website, under departments click physical education and then click and print out the physical education absent make-up document.

• Tardies The school is aware that emergencies happen, such as traffic problems and car accidents, yet a student’s timely attendance is imperative.

Students must be to class On-Time. • All late students will be marked as tardy. • Tardiness will…...

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