Pit Bull Attack

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Shakeila Hunt
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Personal Essay
24 May 2016
My Pitbull Attack I could remember this day as if it happened yesterday. It was the middle of spring I had just gotten off the school bus, my friends and I decided to walk down the street to the store for some candy before going home. Once we left out the store we all went our separate ways. When I made it home I took a shower and changed clothes, did my homework, and then did all my chores before I went back outside. Usually when I went outside I’d go directly to the neighbor’s house we lived next to them for years, over the years I became pretty close with their daughter. Unfortunately, no one was home so instead I played with the other neighborhood kids. Once I got bored with playing with them I had nothing else to do so I went back home. When I got in the house I noticed my cousin was there so we went back out to play on my swing set in the backyard. While we were back there the neighbor’s dogs were going crazy barking and growling at us. I really wasn’t scared because my neighbor always told me how they were good dogs and a couple of times when I was over I played with them. We stopped swinging to aggravate them even more, my mom always told me not to bother the dogs but me being young and hardheaded I was always bothering them. A couple days prior to this day I was spraying the dogs with water and one of them had gotten a loose luckily I was able to run in the house before it could get close to me. While we were bothering the dogs my mom yelled out the window for us to stop and to come back around front. As my cousin and I were walking back to the front of the house behind me all I heard was heavy breathing and the sounds of chains scraping against the sidewalk. My first instinct was to just stand still because I saw on TV that if you just stay really still and not move the dog…...

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