Plastic Cups as Additives to Garden Tiles

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A Research Study on the Effectiveness of Shredded Plastic Cups as an Additive in Making Decorative Garden Tiles

General Problem: How effective are shredded plastic cups as additives in making decorative garden tiles?
Specific Problems: 1. How effective are shredded plastic cups as additives in making decorative garden tiles in terms of compressive strength? 2. How effective are shredded plastic cups as additives in making decorative garden tiles in terms of durability? 3. How effective are shredded plastic cups as additives in making decorative garden tiles in terms of load bearing capacity? C. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE
General Objective: The primary concern of this study is to determine the effectiveness of compressed plastic bottles as fillers for pathways.
Specific Objectives: 1. To determine the effectiveness of shredded plastic cups as additives in making decorative garden tiles in terms of compressive strength. 2. To determine the effectiveness of shredded plastic cups as additives in making decorative garden tiles in terms of durability. D. To determine the effectiveness of shredded plastic cups as additives in making decorative garden tiles in terms of load bearing capacity. E. HYPOTHESES It is hypothesized that: 1. The shredded plastic cups have no significant effect as additives in making decorative garden tiles in terms of compressive strength. 2. The shredded plastic cups have no significant effect as additives in making decorative garden tiles in terms of durability. 3. The shredded plastic cups have no significant effect as additives in making decorative garden tiles in terms of load bearing capacity.

F. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY G. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS H. Decorative Garden Tiles with Shredded Plastic Cups

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