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In Pleasantville, color represents passion, love, art, and risk. In the scene at Lover’s Lane, Bud describes the color as loud, scary, and dangerous. Fear of the unknown is the main conflict in the movie. Many in the movie, such as the Mayor and Whitey are threaten and fearful of the color. The Mayor describes Pleasantville as a traditional town, a “pleasant” town. He uses the towns traditional ways and values to create a code of conduct. The code of conduct attempts to suppress and outlaw activities that cause or bring additional color to the town. The Mayor imprisons Bud and tries to prosecute him for breaking the code of conduct. Whitey and his gang use violence, harassment and aggression to intimidate the people of color. So the “pleasant” citizens use violence and power in an attempt to discourage the activities they believe to be causing the colors to appear in their town.

All of this is symbolism to historical racial conflict, Whitey and his gang symbolize the America’s KKK. The mayor and his code of conduct symbolizes the Nazi’s and their racial hatred toward those that are different then the arian race. One scene in the movie we see a sign in the window of a town store that says “No Colors,” this is symbolism for America’s ugly segregation past. The movie challenges the viewer to recognize that those with differences in society may cause volatility and push us outside of our comfort zones, but embracing the differences can make society better, stronger, vibrant and…...

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...Pleasantville? The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibited racial discrimination in schools, housing, hiring, and many other areas, began an increasing mandate for racial integration (Suburban Segregation 1998). Many middle-class whites during the post-World War II years fled to the suburbs to move away from crime, poverty, and away from the minority. With the rise of the suburbs, planned communities with high economic growth, low crime rates, and nice roads came about. Living in a planned community has many rules and regulations. The movie Pleasantville creates a dramatic view of the cookie-cutter, plastic, perfect life living in the suburbs is supposed to provide and how sometimes the so called “perfect life” is not always quite what it may seem. Some may think living in the suburbs, in planned communities, with many rules, is worth living in because it is safe and gives people the sense of unity they may crave. It can also be thought, rules of living in a planned community should not be taken to the point where people are not able to be true to themselves in order to live in the suburban area. The suburbs are a district lying immediately outside a city or town, and are usually a smaller residential community. The movie Pleasantville depicts a dramatized version of suburban living. In Pleasantville, all is black and white, everyone is perfect, and all houses are the same. The entire town of Pleasantville acts the same, dresses the same, and no one ever steers out of......

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...corruption that bring disease and death without these aspects life cannot be completed. All painting is cosmetic. One of the interesting painting is Andy Warhol’s painting. All of his work , color is very artificial; it could be rubbed off and washed away but sometime colors were intended to be wash away by himself. Distinction of form and color is arbitrary. Warhol’s color destroys volume , space and modeling or more directly cosmetic is everywhere. Another example of seduction of color is Pleasantville. Color makes an unexpected appearance in grey background. The grey or back and white background represent stability , everyone and everything circulate in completely frictionless. The appearance of color covey the uncertain of situation ,in other word something is not regularly circulate to where it suppose to be as usual or the colors are conveying passionate feelings for example when teenagers having sex , listening to music and dancing they become colored. Pleasantville tells us that color is uncertain and changeable ,but without the colors there exists only the law and home. In conclusion , when it comes to color there are many different directions that colors perform themselves. As we can see from above paragraphs ,we have seen color came into the world and manipulate human’s mind, we have seen it rubbed out , we have seen it covered cover and seduce our mind. But in my opinion ,color does not always create great effect to everyone’s mind. It......

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...Imagine a society where everything and everyone is perfect and uniform. All the houses look the same, all the lawns are immaculate, and crime is unheard of. In the movie Pleasantville this place exists in the form of a black-and-white 1950’s television show. The main characters, David and Jennifer, are siblings and high school students who get transported from their normal lives into Pleasantville. While there, David and Jennifer see first hand just how different this town is. The two of them start to expose the citizens of Pleasantville to things they’ve never experienced before. These changes disrupt the whole culture of the community and cause major effects. David is a shy teenager who spends most of his time watching the television show Pleasantville. Pleasantville features the ideal family of the Parkers. George Parker is the working dad, Betty Parker is the typical housewife, Mary Sue and Bud are the teenage children. David knows what has happened in all the episodes and wants to watch the Pleasantville marathon so he can enter into a trivia contest to win $1000. His sister Jennifer is the complete opposite of David. She’s outspoken and has a very active social life. One night when David wants to watch the marathon and Jennifer has a date, they fight over the remote and end up breaking it. Within seconds a repair man arrives to fix the remote. The repair man also has a great interest in the show and quizzes David on some episodes. The repair man is surprised to learn...

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