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Assonance Poems

Assonance happens when the vowel sound within a word matches the same sound in a nearby word, but the surrounding consonant sounds are different. "Tune" and "June" are rhymes; "tune" and "food" are assonant.
"I sipped the rim with palatable lip." (The "i" sound is repeated in sipped, rim and lip.) Assonance is a is a difficult sound to achieve in a poem, as it is easier to slip into a rhyming formula. The difficulty here is to have the assonant words near each other, not necessarily rhyme, but rather be more subtle.

Underline the examples of assonance in the poems. What are the sounds used?
| |El Dorado |
|West Beast East Beast |By Edgar Allen Poe |
|Upon an island hard to reach, | |
|The East Beast sits upon his beach. |Gaily bedight, |
|Upon the west beach sits the West Beast. |A gallant knight, |
|Each beach beast thinks he’s the best beast. |In sunshine and in shadow, |
|Which beast is best?…Well, I thought at first |Had journeyed long, |
|That the East was best and the West was worst. |Singing a song, |
|Then I looked again from the west to the east |In search of Eldorado. |
|And I liked the beast on the east…...

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