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What are the various functions of a police agency?
There are many departments within police department, there are various functions that each level of police agencies handles. Department function can be broken down into what certain officers do or what is the best way for the officers to help out with the community. Patrol services serving in the community preventing crime and assisting people in their time of need. Patrol officers handle different calls throughout their day on the job, some calls they will need different officers to handle a situation that may be going on such as gang activity which would be handled by gang task force. Dare officers that go to schools in the community and hold town hall meetings about keeping children off drugs and preventing them from getting involved with the wrong crowd that may be in to the drug scene. Within the department help starts at the front window with clerical service window attendant. Clerical employee handles all walk in clients that come to the police station, and will direct them who they need to speak to or where to go in the department. Clerical handles parking ticket payments requests for police incident reports, keeping track of police data and various other secretary duties. Police officers of the department occasionally perform speaking engagements in areas ranging from drunken driving enforcement, crime prevention, D.A.R.E., police work in general, driver’s education, substance abuse education, or other topics pertaining to police services when requested. They also conduct licensed liquor establishment inspections, searching for and arresting wanted individuals, specialized traffic enforcement as…...

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...There are many various functions of police agencies. Patron, traffic, juvenile services, intelligence and undercover, and special operations are just some of the various functions of police agencies. There are many differences between the functions of the police agencies and the federal, state, and the local levels. There are reasons of why you need to have various functions and roles of policing in any community. There are a few various functions of police agencies such as patrol, traffic, juvenile services, intelligence and undercover, and special functions. There are many functions of the patrol and consists of protecting the lives of people and their property, repression of criminal and delinquent behavior, identification, apprehension and conviction of offenders, traffic flow, collision reduction, maintenance of order and public safety. Patrol functions are a major part of policing agencies. Traffic functions consist of identifying potential traffic problems and hazards, arresting offenders, investigation property damage and personal injury automobile accidents, regulating parking on the streets and municipal buildings (Grant & Terry, 2008). Traffic functions keep the roads safer and make things flow better for traffic. Juvenile services are there to help juvenile offenders go to counseling and counseling for the juvenile’s families. There are also programs that can help juveniles learn about drugs, alcohol, abuse and gangs. There is a program called (D...

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...Q3. The main role of the police has always been one of maintaining public order. Discuss. While the main roles and functions of police have evolved and developed over time the major responsibility of maintaining public order has remained the primary role. There are many varied roles and positions within the police however it seems there is a shared focus on maintaining public order. This is evident through all of the eras of policing and portrayed through a number of incidents, events and periods of time. A small sample of these will be used throughout this essay to depict the main role of police at different stages. Public order regulation is defined as the policing of behaviour in public places, maintaining public order and can also be done through crime control and prevention (White & Perrone 2010: 225). Maintaining public order through various methods of crime control, crime prevention, order maintenance and regulation is evident in the functions of every era of policing (Broadhurst & Davies 2009: 47). Police are often required to conduct public order surveillance, intervention and monitoring at major public events for example sporting events, parades such as Mardi Gras, strikes, funerals or marches (White & Perrone 2010: 289). Upholding public order can also extend to policing domestic violence and other disputes (White & Perrone 2010: 289). The above outlines of the functions through all of the eras of policing reinstate that maintaining public order......

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...The role of police in our society today has not really changed all that much from many years ago. Our officers of today are still responsible for enforcing the laws, apprehending law breakers, preventing crimes, preserving the peace among citizens and providing any other needed services to the community (Schmalleger, F. 2011). The actual role that a police officer plays will depend on the situation that they are placed in at the time. If the role of the police were lessened as it applies to the theory and practice of community policing there would be a major setback in the relationships between police and community. When our police are involved in the various communities it actually creates a healthy relationship between the officers and those that are in the community. Having officers actively involved in the community allows us to see a different side of the police and we get to know them better instead of them just being law enforcers. Probable cause affects the police from a legal standpoint because if their judgment of the situation is incorrect they could arrest an innocent person. Probable cause has to be dealt with very carefully because all the bases have to be covered before any accusations are made of someone’s guilt or innocence. To insure that a person is not being accused unfairly or unjustly there has to be checks and balances in place so that all areas of detection have been followed. When these steps are followed there will be less of a chance of the......

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...Policing Function Susan Kinkead CJA 394 April 20, 2013 Michael S. Hudson Policing Function The policing functions vary between the levels, in law enforcement. The levels include the local, state, and federal police functions. Local, state, and federal vary because each observes a variety of functions in their jurisdiction that has been assigned to them. Discussion of police functions as well their viewpoint and the possibility of future changes in laws that will influence law enforcements. The police function in various attributes to protect, and serve the people; the policing functions existent through various organizations to continue protecting, and serving the people, and the nation. The employment of racial and ethnic minority officers increased slowly but steadily as well as hiring women for the force, they are on the frontline not just handling juveniles and woman prisoners. The law enforcement functions are better with the increase of officers, this give them the help they all need. The law enforcement agencies are starting to recruit college students; this includes all the law enforcement agencies. There are many roles in which local law enforcement agencies take part in everyday (Gil, 2009). The local law enforcement agencies are in place to provide routine patrol of the communities within their jurisdictions provide emergency services, maintain records, uphold traffic enforcement laws, conduct criminal investigations, planning and analysis,......

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...The role of police in society is to maintain order and enforce justice amongst the community. Their duty is to bring those who are criminally charged with a crime to the courts in the state to be punished properly for their actions. The role of the police is to protect the community at all costs. Millions of things would happen if the role changed or was lessened for them from different needs within the structure of the facilities and squads needs and to the community that it lessened for. These changes are in things such as organizational structure, changes in management, strategic planning, and changes in programs and certain crime analysis systems. Probable cause can affect a police officers job in the most extreme ways. Probable cause is a certain type of evidence that can be contributed for reasonable suspicion of a suspect or criminal. When the probable cause is not as strong on the fact of evidence against that person, it can make the job of an officer harder as they try to arrest the criminal. When the probable cause is in the stronger side of reason or evidence, the officer’s job becomes much easier to explain and an easier decision for them to make as an officer also has to make sure to abide by our rights and laws. I believe we can help the officers facing these issues by supporting and contributing to their needs as a force that is against the majority of our crime in our communities. Keeping watch and setting priority to the needs we have for an officer.......

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...Police Department Roles and Functions Justin Lewis CJA/214 April 23, 2014 Mr. Wheelen Police Department Roles and Functions Police departments are one of the most important parts of the criminal justice system. Our police departments are the frontline of defense for society. If society does not feel protected by the police then they are less likely to trust them. Along that same line, some of the citizens will become vigilantes in their own minds trying to “stop criminals”, making the officer’s jobs more difficult than it already is. In the United States, the duty of the law enforcement is to uphold public safety, first and foremost, by reducing the amount of crime in the environment. To achieve this responsibility worldwide, police officers have to partake in many roles. Several of those roles are conflicting roles, depending on the method of the organization, some accentuated over others. All police departments, no matter the location or size, have goals set up. These goals set forth a sense of purpose and direction. The primary goals of policing are the prevention of crime and protection of life, to uphold and enforce the law, to combat public fear of crime, to promote community safety, to control traffic, to encourage respect for the law, to protect the civil rights and liberties of individuals. These goals are important because they help to mode organization in a police department. The five responsibilities of police officers are to enforce the law as......

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...The role of the police force in society Discuss the role of the police force in society The police force plays a vital role in the maintenance of law and order in society. It is a source of moral strength, confidence and happiness to all individuals who seek to live a good life in society. The ideal of a police force has been conceived centuries ago, when lawless acts were committed everywhere; but it was only in the nineteenth century that effectual steps were taken to build up a strong police force in almost every country. Life, before the introduction of the police force, was indeed insecure. Violent acts such as murder, were committed with impunity by cruel and reckless men. Even those who were weak and feared revenge by stronger men nevertheless found it safe sometimes to commit lesser crimes such as theft and robbery. Without the restraining influence of a powerful organization such as the police force, the passions of men were aroused easily, and lawlessness prevailed everywhere. Individuals grouped themselves together and terrorized whole villages and towns, and there were wars between rival groups. This state of affairs caused great sorrow and acute anxiety to whole communities and everyone lived in constant fear, uncertain even about his immediate future. The establishment of the police force, however, has changed the state of affairs in society. The police force has enabled the law courts, which have existed since ancient times, in certain countries even......

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...Police Department Roles and Functions Ashlee Hoagland CJS/241 March 16, 2015 Norman Healy Police Department Roles and Functions The Police Department must serve many roles and purposes so they also must take care of any issues that arise, dealing with the law and with the safety of the public. This is why the departments have different level of officers designated to carry out certain functions. These roles vary by jurisdiction where there are state, local, and federal jurisdictions. Police Functions and Roles The principal roles and functions of police organizations are the prevention of crime and protection of life, to uphold and enforce the law, to combat public fear of crime, to promote community safety, to control traffic, to encourage respect for the law, to protect the civil rights and liberties of individuals. The police are to protect and serve the community in which they work in. The basic mission of law enforcement is to maintain public safety by reducing the occurrence of crimes in society. To make this happen the Police must play a certain role in society. They are to enforce the laws, help maintain the peace. By providing their service they help prevent crime and by arresting offenders they enforce the laws. (Schmallenger, 2011.) The law determines the functions and roles of the police. The law dictates how they will fulfill these duties. The police have guidelines and restrictions they must follow. There are many......

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...Police Roles and Functions The various functions of a police agency is to enforce the law, prevent crime from happening, investigate crimes and apprehend criminals, maintaining order, and providing other emergency services (Samuel Walker, 2010). Police agencies also control the behavior and conduct of individuals who may appear to be a threat to someone’s life or property, they help those who may be in need of assistance or may be in danger dealing with physical harm, through this it will help them gain a feeling of safety and security within the community (Samuel Walker, 2010). The police functions differ at the federal, state, and local levels in many ways, according to the CJI (interactive) the local police agencies are the first line of defense against crime, they functions include traffic duty, patrol, providing public assistance, and responding to certain calls for service (CJI, Interactive). Most of the officers spend more responding to calls and patrolling, local police agencies enforce the law of that specific city or town but are limited by certain jurisdictions (CJI, Interactive). State police functions include calling for service, traffic enforcement, criminal investigations, and controlling crime on the highway (CJI, Interactive), they have a state wide jurisdiction, state officers mainly deal with investigation, training duties and court related duties (CJI, Interactive). Federal police functions are investigations, security and protection, corrections......

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...Police Roles and Functions Paper There are many different policing agencies that help keep the United States protect against criminal activity and the uses of there crime, but in this paper we will be going over the one that are the most important to the free standing of the United State of America What are the effective roles behind the pole agencies are to try and deter crime patrol for crime happening and also to arrest criminals that are committing the crime basically fight the war on crime is the effective over look. This is said when coming to police officers thy have the everyday job of fighting crime and making sure that they can get as many criminals off the street as possible by one being on constant patrol for criminals meaning that they will have the job of going out every day and looking for possible crime to stop and they will be able at the same time to deter criminals from wanting to commit the crimes, and they can also go to places where calls are being made from meaning that they also promise to be reactive police and when someone calls in the closest police officer will report to where ever that might be in order to resolve the issues at hand and will not leave until a possible outcome has been made and that will come with either being able to resolve the issues or making an arrest for whatever issues was caused. This is not all the same for when it comes to the federal and state policing agencies they have to ha the means to get everything done if needed......

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...Police Roles and Functions Police agencies perform similar duties and responsibilities such as maintain law and order, investigate crimes and provide assistance to the community. There are various functions that each level of policing agencies handle and are broken into local, state and federal levels. In this paper I will discuss the various functions of a police agency, compare the functions on a local, state and federal level, explain what would happen if various functions and policing were limited in a community. Law enforcement is one of the three major components of the criminal justice system. Communities are dependent on the law enforcement agencies to prevent crime and assist people when they are in need. The local policing includes city, town and county. They protect citizens and maintain law and order within their assigned jurisdiction. Local police are responsible for maintaining order, enforcing criminal and traffic laws and investigating crimes. According to Walker & Katz municipal police are the most important component of American law enforcement. (Walker & Katz, 2011). Local police work closer with the community and provide a more direct service to the community they are assigned to. The municipal police play a more complex role than any other level of law enforcement due to them being on the frontline on a daily basis. “Cities and big cities in particular represent the most complex environments, particularly (Walker & Katz, 2011)”. The city police have...

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...Police Department Roles and Function CJA/214 August 21, 2015 Police Department Roles and Functions In today’s day and age in the United States there are numerous functions of police agencies. Traffic, patrol, juvenile services, undercover investigations, and special operations are just a few of the many functions of a police agency. There are three levels of police agencies they are local, state, and federal. Each level has some similarities as well as their differences. All functions and roles of policing in any and all communities are valuable and all serve a purpose. Police agencies have several roles and functions such as traffic, patrol, juvenile services, undercover investigations, and special operations are just a few. Police officers tasked with traffic functions are responsible for ensuring the safe movement of traffic, identifying potential traffic problems, arresting offenders, automobile accidents and injuries, safe movement of pedestrians, investigating damaged property, and regulating parking on and off the streets. Traffic functions help keep the roads safer for the public and assist with the flow of traffic. Patrolling functions and patrol officers are the most visible in the police department and are always providing police services within the community. Patrolling officers are always in the eyes of the public and working day in and day out. Patrolling can be done by vehicle, foot, bicycle, and/or horseback riding. Patrol......

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...Police Roles and Functions Adrian Royals CJS/210 05-31-2015 Jacqueline Smith-Haines Police Roles and Functions There are various functions and roles of a police agency. The police are responsible for maintaining public order and the prevention of crimes along with the detection of them within the jurisdiction that they are responsible for keeping order. The policing agencies are also charged with protecting life, liberty, and property of the people. On a daily basis, the crimes increase and so does the complexity of the crimes that are committed, and the complexity of the investigations that go along with solving the crimes. Without the police, the society would live in a state of chaos where people would live in a state of solitude, afraid to go out due to the crimes around them. The police agencies play an important role in the direction of justice. Some of the ways that the police agencies execute these functions is to execute all orders and warrants lawfully issued to the officer by authority. They also collect intelligence and communicate the intelligence that affects the public peace. They are also responsible for the prevention of the acts of crime or public annoyance and apprehend offenders and bringing them to justice. This is just to name a few of the functions of the policing agencies. There are mainly three different types of policing agencies. They are federal policing agencies, state policing agencies, and local policing agencies. Each type of police......

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...and very confusing to other countries. As of 1999, there is approximately twenty thousand police agency’s locally and state wide here in the United States. As for other nations such as Canada they have 461, India has 22, Australia has 8, and England 43. However, in the United States these agencies are have overlapping jurisdictions, are loosely connected and have different levels of government. This consist of small towns, large cities, county, state township’s, and the federal departments as well. Mostly the major part of these departments handle routine duty’s such as patrolling, investigations of crime and murder, and responding to citizens’ complaints. Small departments employ fewer than 25 full time officers which equates to 81 percent or 11,015, then you have departments that employ approximately 5 full time officers which is 7.5 percent or roughly 1, 022, and the remaining rely heavily on part time or reserve officer’s. Then you have specialty departments that consist of airports, parks, agencies that enforce firearms, alcohol, and game or wildlife. Furthermore, you do have certain departments don’t fit into some of these categories such as county law enforcement (Sheriff). County law enforcement in some states only provide court house security, operate the county jails, serve papers for the courts, and assist other departments when called upon. Due to the different sizes and functions of these departments, it is to establish a standard organizational or management......

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...Police Roles and Functions CJS/210 2-26-12 Police Roles and Functions Police officers have many roles and functions. Society sees police officers as problem solvers of last resort. Police officers themselves see themselves as keepers of the law and protectors of the community. Whatever role or function of police officer, police officers ensure the safety of America’s communities. The main objective of police officers is to ensure preservation of peace and public safety through the enforcement of local, state, and Federal laws, and by providing support and assistance during emergency or crisis situations (Duluthmn). The police officer has three major functions that it does: social service, order maintenance, and crime control. Social service is the area where the police help people who need emergency assistance, whether it is giving first aid or finding lost children. Typically, over 50 percent of the telephone calls to the police requesting assistance involve social service as compared with less than 20 percent relating to crime. The police presence in society is also intended to preserve order by serving as a deterrent to misconduct and by providing a quick-response mechanism for potential or low-level problems (Katz, 2011). Order maintenance is the activities which involve: traffic control, crowd control, resolving domestic disputes, and moving prostitutes from the streets. The focus of order maintenance is on handling situations to preserve the peace rather than...

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