Policy Monitoring vs. Policy Evaluation Comparison

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Policy Monitoring vs. Policy Evaluation Comparison
Team D: Aaron Sawyer, Paulette Banks, Buck Charley, Greg Bradley
CJA/385 Criminal Justice Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation
May 23, 2016
Professor: Dr. Duane Benton

Policy Monitoring vs. Policy Evaluation Comparison
Policy Monitoring Monitoring policies allows the gathering of factual information as to the causes and outcomes of criminal justice policies. For policy monitoring to be effective the information gathered must be relevant, reliable, and valid. Policy monitoring provides data on compliance, auditing, accounting, and outcomes of criminal justice policy. Policy monitoring further allows for the verification that policy goals and objectives are being met (Dunn, 2016, p. 245, 252). Policy monitoring allows for the analysis of how a policy is performing at different intervals throughout the implementation process. The monitoring process gives leadership measurements of the actual effects a policy is having towards the achievement of goals and objectives. Policy monitoring is a critical component in evaluating the policy process (Waterman, R. W., & Wood, B. D. (1993).
Policy Evaluation
The primary focus of policy evaluation is the facts and values derived through policy monitoring and implementation. While the facts can be developed through the statistical or qualitative measurements produced within the monitoring process, the evaluation process delves further into the true value through examining the impact of the policy on different areas. There are intended and unintended outcomes relating to any policy which is developed for application. The true weight of these outcomes, both intended and unintended, is only measured through the evaluation process given its focus on the qualitative value generated in its impact areas. The value of any policy can be derived from the effect it has on…...

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