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Political Parties and the Electoral Process
Timothy M Mcalister
Professor Julie Waldon
Strayer University

This paper explores the political parties and the electoral process. In this paper I have identified ideological differences between the two major parties, the conservative and liberals of the democratic and republican parties. Though I do not directly state democratic nor republican, it is widely known that the republicans are liberal while the republicans are conservative. Anything to do with the government is always debatable and can quickly change but based on the information I have gathered from books and the internet, listed in my references, I can only conclude from what I have read. Based on the writings of Theodore J. Lowi and Herbert Alexander I have been able to look into a third-party system how it is set up to fail. Between the electoral and presidential lead parties that are wanted and are there for the people, and what they want, will make it.

Political Parties and the Electoral Process Both major political parties in the United States have their pros and cons when it comes to the views on abortion, gun control, taxes, affirmative action, and gay marriage. The liberal views of most democrats want everyone to have the rights they deserve, but then they know some of those rights should be limited. Though this seems hypocritical the rights, they want to see, restricted are gun control to name one. This is a right we are allowed by the founding fathers, but it is true there are some who should never get their hands on a gun. The conservative views of most republicans follow the teachings of the Bible very strictly, and issues such as gay marriage and abortions are, in their minds, corrupt. When it comes to gun control or taxes, it seems they want to…...

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