Port Pricing & Port Tariff Analysis

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Port Pricing & Port Tariff Analysis

A chain of consecutive links, while the port as a whole may itself be seen as a link in a global logistics chain
Port costs account for only a fraction of the total costs associated with the logistics chain
The prototypical port does not exist.
Ports inevitably have an heterogeneous quality, e.g. the large number of possible market players involved (government, port management, shippers, forwarders, agents, shipping companies, trade unions, etc), each of which has specific objectives.

Generalized Port Price
Port Price per unit of throughput represents prices charged by the port for various port services, e.g. wharfage, berthing and cargo handling charges
Ocean Carrier Port Time Price per unit of throughput represents the time-related costs incurred by ocean carriers while their ships are in port, e.g. ship depreciation, fuel and labor costs
Inland Carrier Port Time Price per unit of throughput represents the time-related costs incurred by inland (rail and truck) carriers while their vehicles are in port, e.g., vehicle depreciation, fuel and labor costs
Shipper Port Time Price per unit of throughput represents the time-related costs incurred by shippers while their shipments are in port, e.g., inventory costs such as insurance and depreciation costs.

Port Profit
Profit = Port Price*Port Throughput – Minimum Port Costs Port operating objectives of the port operator will differ depending upon whether the operator is a public port in charge of the operations of a government-owned port or a private port. Public port regional economic development Private port maximizing profits

Port prices may be levied on the ship, cargo and passenger.
Port cargo prices are referred to as port rates.
Port prices are expected to compatible with its operating…...

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