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Week 11 Portfolio Management Project Report PMR Word Template

Revised January 2013

Based on the portfolio management report you prepared in week 02 and by utilizing 12 point font, write a double spaced report not to exceed four pages to explain the following:

What were your objectives in creating this portfolio?

The main objective of my portfolio was to earn returns on my investment, as is typical in many portfolios. Some other objectives that I focused on were accumulation and preservation of capital. Accumulation means that I am basically trying to accumulate funds now to use at a later date. During the accumulation stage “the objective is generally to forgo investments that may produce income by dividends, in favor or investments most likely to appreciate in value, thus maximizing wealth accumulation” (Willis, 2013). I focused more on the potential of the stock itself rather than on the dividends when creating my portfolio. Preservation of capital is exactly what it sounds like; it is simply not losing money. To do this, I chose to diversify my portfolio by using both domestic and foreign securities; I also chose to use the initial price/earnings (P/E) predictor as another investment strategy. According to Malkeil “there is some evidence that individual stocks with low P/E’s relative to the market may produce higher rates of return” (Malkeil, 2012). I would do that by purchasing stocks at fairly low price-earnings multiples and selling them at higher price in the future. My formula was to purchase stocks that had low P/E ratios compared to their industry competitors; on top of that I have invested larger amounts in the stocks that had the lowest P/E ratios in my portfolio.

Did you create an investment policy statement prior to committing the $60,000 in funds to common stocks and other securities? What is the importance…...

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