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Writing 102
Writing 102 Portfolio Throughout this semester of Writing 102, I have been assigned to write four essays that have stressed the course competencies of subject matter knowledge, writing process knowledge, rhetorical knowledge, genre knowledge, discourse community knowledge, and meta-cognition. Through the process of drafting, editing, and revising three out of the four papers, I think I have been effectively able to absorb three of those course competencies; subject matter knowledge, rhetorical knowledge, and writing process knowledge.
The first paper I was assigned to write for Writing 102 was a literacy narrative. For this paper, I was told to write about a past experience that helped influence my current writing and reading qualities. The core competencies that were involved in this essay were writing process knowledge and subject matter knowledge. I used writing process knowledge when I was told to generate ideas for my essay. I began by thinking of five possible ideas and from there I created a brainstorming web out of the two topics I thought would be the most interesting. Shortly after starting, I realized I could only build an effective brainstorming web from one idea. I decided to use the first time I forgot my lines in a play as my main idea for the essay. After I completed the brainstorming web and finished taking notes on what I remembered from the incident I started to follow the writing process that consisted of prewriting, drafting, and revising. Subject matter knowledge, which was the other core competency, was used in this essay when I began the actual writing process. To prevent the reader from becoming bored and uninterested in the essay, I was told that the literacy narrative didn’t have to be entirely true. This allowed me to put some imagery in the essay that kept the readers attentive to the storyline.…...

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