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Set up in 1976 as management development institute as per the recommendation of the first corporate plan of BHEL, it was renamed as HRDI in 1986. It has become the corner stone of learning and apex centres for HRD in BHEl supported by HRD centres at units and advanced technical ecucation centre in Hyderabad.

Human Resource Development Institute of BHEL siy=tuated in Noida conducts training programme every year to enhance the capabilities and competencies of the senior and middle level manager and the executives of the organization working in the company across India.

Human Resource Development Institut has a system of assessing the effectiveness of the training programmes which are conduacted during the year. BHEL is one of the few companies that asses the post programme. Training effectivenesss is eavaluated by analyzing the post training feedback forms whcich are received by form the participants. These forma are sent 3-6 months from the time training programmers are conducted. These feedback forms are in addition to the reaction evaluation sheets which are collected immediately ance the training programme gets conducted.

The report is aimed at analyzing and understanding the responses which have been received via post e the action plans have been implemented by the participants which are prepared durng the training programmes.



Evaluation of the effectiveness of the training programes held at HRDI, BHEL during the year2011- 2012 to * Understand Overall Effectiveness of the learnings of the training programmes * Understand how effectively the participants have been able to utilize the learnings I their official…...

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