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Business Communication:
Making Connections in a
Digital World, 11th Edition
I. Introduction 1. Communication in the
© The McGraw−Hill
Companies, 2008 c h a p t e r o n e
Communication in the Workplace
Upon completing this chapter, you will understand the role and nature of communication in business. To achieve this goal, you should be able to
1 Explain the importance of communication to you and to business. 2 Describe the three main forms of communication in the business organization. 3 Describe the formal and informal communication networks in the business organization.
4 Describe factors that affect the types and amount of communicating that a business does.
5 Describe the various contexts for each act of business communication. 6 Describe the communication process.
7 Explain why business communication is a form of problem solving.
8 Explain three basic truths about communication.
9 Understand the importance of adaptation to successful communication. 10 Describe the goal and plan of this book.
Business Communication:
Making Connections in a
Digital World, 11th Edition
I. Introduction 1. Communication in the
© The McGraw−Hill
Companies, 2008
CHAPTER 1 Communication in the Workplace 3
Your work in business will involve communication—a lot of it—because communication is a major and essential part of the work of business.
The Importance of Communication Skills to You
Because communication is so important in business, businesses want and need people with good communication skills. Evidence of the importance of communication in business is found in numerous surveys of executives, recruiters, and academicians.
Without exception, these surveys have found that communication (es pecially written…...

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