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and Power for our lives. So let's take a look at the keys God has given us to have Victory and Power in our lives.
Victory, when defining victory it stands for many things. The one I like the best is (to defeat). So that reminds me of the story of Jesus while he was out in the wilderness for forty days, and forty nights, on how he fasted the whole time. Now just imagine if we were assigned this mission, by the 2nd day we would declare that we are weak, hungry, or maybe some of us would throw in the towel. Upon the completion of these 40 days and nights Jesus was tempted by the devil, and what we call weakest in the natural should be our strongest in our spirit, just as Jesus was, he wasn't weak, but he was at his strongest point because he had just spent forty days talking with the father in the Holy Spirit, and when he finished he was ready for anything!
Key 1
Walking in the Holy Spirit:
So how did Jesus defeat the devil? Jesus was able to defeat the devil even with all that he brought, that he thought he could harm Jesus with. Because Jesus didn't react to what the devil was bringing him, through his emotions, but he used the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we have to learn how to use the Holy Spirit. So instead of crying or feeling down the next time the devil come at you, shout the door and walk in the Holy Spirit that Jesus has made available.
God's Word
Jesus spoke God's words over each situation the devil brought him. That's what we have to do, when we are dealing with something. We have to speak the word of God of that, what the devil is trying to use in order to tear us down. So put on your armor of God, which is the word of God. Because we can only win each battle by taking out our sword, using our scripture's, for this will help us to defeat the enemy.
Key 3
Psalm 150:6 say's let everything that has breathe praise the Lord. For when we…...

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