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In the recent years organizations with variety of projects require complete management therefore, project and portfolio management is one of the most discussed topics in the area of project management. Portfolio and project management (PPM) system is a tool that assists in managing projects. Project portfolio management is focused on aligning projects with the organizational strategies that will enable them to grow profitability. The following information examines the usefulness of a PPM system, and shows the impact of utilizing it at organizational level. It will point out the effective approach for PPM implementation.
Our department lacks a single system of records. Instead we rely on spreadsheets, Microsoft Project plans, and unrelated systems, resulting in significant efforts to produce reports and differing views on the status of project commitments.
To manage a project manually is feasible, but impractical for an organization that needs the capability to manage multiple projects, programs, assets, resources, and to produce different reports, track financials, etc. In order to do things more efficiently there is a need for automation.
In the current business environment more valuable and highly recognized by the customers are organizations with a centrally managed PPM system. It helps streamline and enhance project execution while at the same IT brings greater value. The use of the proper tools can extremely improve the overall efficiency of the operation of a project. The integrity and accuracy of the tracking of tasks, budget constraints and human resource management can be a difficult job without the proper tools, and recent technology should be utilized to the project manager’s advantage in the successful completion of the project.…...

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