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Studying for an exam should be more than just a cramming session. Successful studying is an ongoing process that begins with the first day of classes and involves managing time and learning effectively from texts, lectures, and labs. It also involves developing a foundation from which to begin the pre-exam review. According to Pogue (2000), what is true about study habits was that more than thirty years ago still rings true today-students fail because they do not know how to study. The best advice he can give is to develop sound study skills.
Education is not merely about studying, hence in fact that the study habits directly reflects one’s self-learning ability and the lecturer’s effectiveness therefore it is significant to comprehend or find out the habits of students in able to effectively adjust one thus improve to the furthest effective learning.
The Majority in College success is due to motivation and time management. Anyone in the world who says that he or she can get through college without studying, or that he or she makes grades without studying is completely impossible. Success in college takes effort. This means that if he or she wants to do well then one must be willing to set aside time to study. One must have to sacrifice at times. However, effective time management, adequate time for school as well as a social life or free time to do the activities that one most enjoy. As stated by Abderisak (2007), time is an essential key. You cannot study properly without considering it; hence time management is most certainly a study technique in itself.
Given the hectic schedules of college students which need balance between academics and extra activities makes time management really important. Aside from this problem comes with the identity amongst Filipinos who are very much aware of the negative…...

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