Preprosthetic and Implant Surgery

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Preprosthetic and Implant Surgery

espite dentistry's improved ability to maintain dentition, many individual continue to require replacement of some or all of their teeth. Surgical improvement of the denture-bearing area and surrounding tissue (preprosthetic surgery) offers an exciting and demanding challenge to the dental practice. Many minor modifications of the alveolar ridge and vestibular areas can greatly improve denture stability and retention. In some cases, patients have severe bone changes or soft tissue abnormalities that require extensive surgical preparation before the prosthetic appliance can be properly constructed and worn. Procedures that improve prosthesis retention and stability are discussed and illustrated in Chapter 13. One of the most exciting frontiers in dentistry is implantology. Proper bony and soft tissue reconstruction followed by placement of implants and subsequent prosthetic reconstruction can provide patients with a more natural and efficient substitution for their lost dentition. Depending on the circumstances, several types of implant systems may be used. Chapter 14 discusses the various types of implant systems currently in use and their advantages, disadvantages, and indications for use.


Preprosthetic Surgery

Mark W. Ochs and Myron R. Tucker

OBJECTIVES OF PREPROSTHETIC SURGERY OF PATIENT EVALUATION AND TREATMENT PLANNING Evaluation of Supporting Bony Tissue Evaluation of Supporting Soft Tissue Treatment Planning RECONTOURING OF ALVEOLAR RIDGES Simple Alveoloplasty Associated with Removal of Multiple Teeth Intraseptal Alveoloplasty Maxillary Tuberosity Reduction Buccal Exostosis and Excessive Undercuts Lateral Palatal Exostosis Mylohyoid Ridge Reduction Genial Tubercle Reduction TORI REMOVAL Maxillary Tori Mandibular Tori SOFT TISSUE ABNORMALITIES Maxillary Tuberosity Reduction (Soft Tissue)…...

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