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Communication 1010
June 20, 2013 Communication Development Project: Part 2 In part 1 of the Communication Development assignment I wrote about the importance of communication in all aspects of life. I outlined my strengths and weaknesses along with goals I identified to improve my communication effectiveness. Finally, I considered the steps I needed to go through and how I will know if I am on track to achieving my communication goals. Part 2 will assess the progress of what was presented previously. The skill goals I chose to address were to build a bigger vocabulary, acquire better presentation skills and to think before I speak. These goals will probably remain a part of my communication process for years to come. I realize that trying to achieve all these goals in such a short time frame is problematic and virtually impossible. Still, I think at least I should be able to lay the groundwork for this class and add to it throughout my final two years at Ohio University. In building a bigger vocabulary I understand the need to use a dictionary and thesaurus. Although those are archaic, I regularly use those functions on my computer. I question the meaning of words now more than before. I have actually increased my vocabulary to a small extent. When using the thesaurus for an alternative word for behavior, I found comportment. Salient took the place of prominent. This goal has made me more conscious of words and listening to how words are used in conveying messages in the communication process. Another goal I identified was to acquire better presentation skills. When doing the voice discussion posts, I listen to the other members of my group to learn how they are doing their assignment. When I am finally ready to do my post, I record it several times…...

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