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Module 2 – Organizing and Describing Data
Written Assignment 2 - In your own words, interpret the data and note the shape of the distribution of the data provided from Case Study: World's Richest People (Chapter 2, p. 36).

Sample | Category | Frequency per Category | Rel. frequency per category (%) | Citizenship | Mexico | 1 | 4.00% | | United States | 14 | 56.00% | | Spain | 1 | 4.00% | | Hong Kong | 2 | 8.00% | | France | 2 | 8.00% | | Sweden | 1 | 4.00% | | Germany | 1 | 4.00% | | India | 1 | 4.00% | | Italy | 1 | 4.00% | | Canada | 1 | 4.00% |

From the frequency distribution table listed above, the country with the largest amount of the world’s richest people is the United States with 56% of the world’s richest people. It also shows that of the countries that have one of the world’s richest people, 7 out of 10 of the counties only have 1 of the richest in each country. Stem-and-Leaf Plot | | | Unit: | 1 | | | 0 | | 1 | | 2 | | 3 | 9 | 4 | 09 | 5 | 5678 | 6 | 345589 | 7 | 133779 | 8 | 2458 | 9 | 03 |

Using the stem-and-leaf plot above you can see that the age range with the most of the world’s richest people is 60-79 years old. This plot also shows you a left skewed distribution. Also in a stem-and-leaf plot you can see the specific ages in the prominent age range that hosts the most individuals in the world’s richest people category.

Using a histogram shows the view of the data and what type of distribution is used. A stem-and-leaf plot starts at 1 and moves up to 9 showing a distinct right skew. A histogram begins with the fist age range in which the youngest individuals fall in to. This plot shows a left skewed distribution however it is harder to see. You can also see the range of 60 to 79 year old people have the most number of world’s richest and based on the United State having…...

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