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The ethical issue identified questions if it is right for BB to implement the 8-minute rule and surveillance system to limit employees’ personal break time in order to reduce customer waiting time, when doing so infringes upon the employees’ rights to fairness and privacy?

Kantian ethics is the most relevant here as the tension results from conflicting rights and duties. This 8 minutes policy promotes the rights of BB, its shareholders and customers. However, even though employees have a duty to adhere to this policy, doing so would be incongruent with their moral rights to fairness and privacy. The employees are not being respected as equal and autonomous persons capable of making decisions in their own life, and physical privacy is violated when they are no longer able to have private personal time as and when required, without being monitored.

This perspective identifies which rights and duties are in conflict, to be be addressed in the recommendations. Rawlsian ethics is also relevant as it helps to prioritize the conflicting rights and duties. Under the veil of ignorance, no rational and self-interested employer who could now be at the receiving end of the policy would want to risk having his privacy infringed upon. Hence, this perspective helps to decide which rights cannot be sacrificed for others. Lastly, the Utilitarian perspective here helps to analyze and weigh the consequences of each decision made. The analysis shows that short term benefits of a policy, even to the majority, is not substantial to justify a potential long term harm to the majority, even if not implementing the policy does not in itself result in much pleasure for any stakeholder in the present. Although both virtue ethics and ethics of care are applicable in evaluating this case, we have not focused on them as they do not offer as much direction for deriving practical…...

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