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Innovation Process Paper
October 23, 2012

Innovation Process Paper
When applying the innovation process can come in many different ways Northrup Grumman organization leadership is built on technology innovation. The innovative process is the collaboration of other companies that will help make Northrup Grumman a success like Westinghouse and TRW Space & Mission Systems. There are many individual lives that Northrup Grumman will touch by the technologies for national defense and space exploration that why the focus is program performance that delivers a full operating product.
Generating is the main process and first step were innovation process starts. It will involve the brainstorming of the ideas within the Northrup Grumman organization that will later be molded into valuable solutions for the customer. In the first innovative process stage can be some open and loose modeling and designing. Research and testing is a vital phase for the Northrup Grumman organization with the analyzing of data and testing on prototypes are put together. Function and design changes are made to accommodate pricing global security market needs and regulation and consumer requirements. Develop is another phase were you can expand on the idea with how the product needed for the customer. The Northrup Grumman development stage will have alternate versions of the organization original idea. With applying the prototype testing the organization will closely examine the products to see if improvements are needed. The produce phase is the last innovative process stage which the distribution of Northrup Grumman products. Northrup Grumman will evaluate analyze production of products and how the products will be demanded and needed throughout the global world that helps the organization improve with implement new ideas.
The Northrup Grumman tools and techniques will be the main engine that…...

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