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Procrastination is defined as a habit of putting things off until the last minute. Many things can cause procrastination. For instance, when an individual is to feel stressed, overwhelmed, laziness, a lack of motivation, lack of discipline, poor time management habits, lack of skill, and perfectionism. All these things play a key role in why people procrastinate. When a person feels stressed, they do not work productively. Many people become stressed due to their heavy work loads, and they do not take enough time out for leisure time. Leisure time helps the body and mind to be at ease, this will help individuals to be more productive. Many people believe that when a person feels stressed they will use procrastination as a way to cope with everything that is going on in their lives. Other times, the individual have too many items on there to do list, and they become overwhelmed. Individuals who become overwhelmed usually have too much to do and little time to do them in. A good way for one to eliminate these overwhelming feelings is to go over the items that are on these lists, and cut as much out as they can, or prioritize things in order of there importance. According to (2009), “It's been shown that the optimal work week for most people is 40-45 hours. Working longer hours than this actually has such an adverse effect on productivity and motivation that less real work gets done. This is especially true for creative, information age work.” Now laziness is just a habit people tend to do when they either feel emotionally drained or physically drained. Once a person feels like the littlest things are too much work, they will begin to procrastinate on the bigger things. The solution to this is to get up and move around. Good exercise and diet will help an individual to overcome there feelings of laziness. A lack of motivation can also lead to procrastinating.…...

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