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Professional Communication Techniques

Communication to me means a multitude of things from exchanging thoughts, feelings and information. This is important to me because I love talking to people and getting other people’s thoughts on things. I have found that making small talk is a good technique. With small talk you can break the ice and get comfortable with people around you. Another technique that is useful for me is to influence people. I feel like the way you talk to people is how they can also talk to you.
I identify with communicating your ideas, because if you do not get your ideas out there no one will know what you’re really trying to say, people are not mind readers. I have seen this in my work place a lot. People have a hard time telling others their ideas because they think that they will be shot down or criticized for what they think. I think that in an academic environment and a professional environment this should be your number one technique because with this technique everyone can know what everyone else is thinking and making it easier to make a decision in any situation.
I also identify with the technique of being interesting. With that said it is always a good idea to keep the information that you are sharing interesting. Not so much on the topic but in the way you present the information. I have been to a lot of work meetings where it was just boring. The way my boss would talk was so monotone and everyone was ready for a break. I like when things are upbeat and interesting. I need things to grab my attention so I can stay interested in the topic.
I have learned a lot from this class already about communicating with people. I know I will use these techniques in my everyday life, academic life and professional life. I have learned that it is always best to have a good attitude and speak properly when talking with…...

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