Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan
Ashley Mercado-Perez
November 9, 2015
Michael Reynolds

Professional Development Plan

When working within a group it is very important to know the work styles of each individual. Knowing the strengths, weaknesses and needs of each individual with make for a more productive outcome of each task, and create synergy. In order to assess all of these factors, it is good to use a DISC Assessment.

DISC stands for Dominant, Interactive, Steady, and Cautious. These are the four main styles of leaders. Team B is made up of three of the four DISC styles; Interactive, Dominant, and Cautious.

According to the DISC Assessment, Interactive style people are friendly and thrive on admiration, acknowledgment and compliments. They are relationship oriented rather than task oriented and they are great influencers. They tend to use their people skills to build alliances to accomplish goals (Alessandra, P.7).

Strengths of the Interactive person are seen in their communication, participation and finding the good in things. Their weaknesses are follow through and lack of objectivity. Interactive people need recognition, acceptance, and they need to talk (Outside the Box, 2014).

Dominant Style people are driven by the need to control and the need to achieve. They like to take on challenges and are fast paced and goal oriented. A dominant Style person can work quickly and Impressively by themselves, and are annoyed with delay (Alessandra, P. 7).

Strengths of the dominant person are their ability to problem solve, makes decisions, and achieve goals, whereas, their weaknesses are finding faults, lacking caution, and the tendency to run over people who they see as being in their way. Dominant Style people need a sense of control, authority, and prestige (Outside the Box, 2014).

Cautious Style people are Systematic people who…...

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