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For about three months now I've been having poor Internet service quality I've been paying for 12 Mbps and have only ever experienced about 3 Mbps so I decided to call after the first week and I was told there was weather conditions that affected my area that the issue would get resolved promptly after about a month I was still experiencing poor connection quality so I called after about an hour on the phone I was told a technician would come out the next day to test my connection. On arrival the technician was in my opinion in a bad mood very few words not talkative very vague in answering questions all she did was replace the tower and said that should resolve the issue made me sign paper work saying she was there and drove off. To my surprise my issue was not fixed after the same technician came out two more times to do the same thing just replace the tower and be eager to leave I decided to call and basically clarify that I refused to pay my bill until the issue was resolved since I have had little to no service for three months the representative on the phone was really rude and certainly not professional accessing the account first and then asking security questions. He stated that I am obligated to pay my bill or service will be discontinued I argued my case and still couldn't make him understand after about 45 minutes I just said thank you and hung up the phone. I then proceeded to look online for other people with similar issues and I found out that every service provider carries a department called a retention department which strives to keep you as a customer and so in a matter of 15 minutes my attitude towards the company changed having gone from rude and unprofessional to a service rep who was very kind and courteous and stayed on the phone until the whole issue was resolved I got my balance of zero dollars and was…...

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...TABLE OF CONTENT 1.0 Introduction | | 2.0 Issues Surrounding the Professionalism of Accounting | | 3.0 Literature Review | | 4.0 Presentation of the main Idea about the Professionalism of Accounting | | 5.0 Analysis and discussion | | 6.0 Conclusion | | 7.0 Reference | | 1.0 INTRODUCTION 2.0 ISSUES SURROUNDING THE PROFESSIONALISM OF ACCOUNTING Twenty years ago, Briloff (1986) alerted the profession to the crisis of credibility being faced because society perceived accountants to have lost their commitment to public service. The credibility of the profession is threatened when the ideals of integrity, independence, public service and ethical standards come under suspicion. Well-known scandals of one of the major leading accounting firms in the United States Arthur Andersen coupled with alleged unethical acts committed by Enron have arouse the conscious of the public and stakeholders as to the moral decline and unethical posture of public accountants unveiled a decline in moral reasoning and ethical standards of public accountants (Dellaportas, 2006; Esmond-Kiger, 2004). Over the last few years, the accounting profession has been beaten up badly in the media, somewhat justifiably. The forces at work were numerous and complex and a variety of phenomena created the entire profession had its reputation tarnished. Some forces were not new: delivering services that acted to impair independence; becoming too cozy with clients, active......

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Professionalism charitable activities of religious and civic organizations that date back to the Colonial period. However, the academic discipline of human services did not start until the 1960s. At that time, a group of college academics started the new human services movement and began to promote the adoption of a new ideology about human service delivery and professionalism among traditional helping disciplines.[2] The movement's major goal was to make service delivery more efficient, effective, and humane. The other goals dealt with the reeducation of traditional helping professionals to have a greater appreciation of the individual as a whole person and to be accountable to the communities they serve. Furthermore, professionals would learn to take responsibility at all levels of government, use systems approaches to consider human problems, and be involved in progressive social change. Traditional academic programs such as education, nursing, social work, law and medicine were resistant to the new human services movement's ideology because it appeared to challenge their professional status. Changing the traditional concept of professionalism involved rethinking consumer control and the distribution of power. The new movement also called on human service professionals to work for social change.[3] It was proposed that the reduction of the monopolistic control of professionals could result in democratization of knowledge and would lead to professionals advocating on behalf of clients......

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...Professionalism What is professionalism? To understand the term, we must first understand the word in its totality. The Meriam-Webster dictionary defines professionalism as “the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person”. This means that there are characteristics that differentiate a professional from a novice, an amateur or a voluntary person. It is important to understand the following based on the above definition, if there are two people working in an organization, one might be termed a professional and the other one not so. Professionalism is an individual trait and in this essay, we will examine the characteristics, strengths, behaviour and role of a professional in a team. Firstly, working in a busy environment can be challenging. Each day you encounter situations that test your personality, intelligence and beliefs. So what are the characteristics that define a truly professional person? Professionals understand that the client is the priority. The organization exists solely for the purpose of providing their services to clients, therefore professionals consider it their duty to ensure that said service is delivered efficiently by them at all times regardless of whatever personal issues they might be going through because happy clients are the bedrock of any organization; similarly professionals seek to constantly improve their full knowledge in their field of occupation. Although most people are content to be at...

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...Importance of professionalism in the Military Professionalism is the key to any job, but perhaps more so when it comes to the military. The nature of war itself, one of the most chaotic and instable forces in the world today, requires that those soldiers who do the fighting, do so with a certain level of discipline, commitment, and skill. Such things are the essence of military professionalism. In any workplace a certain pride in ones work and repect is needed to make everything run smoothly in the professional world. Without a certain level of discipline and professionalism in our daily lives we risk the chance of coming off as an organization to be laughed at or mocked. In the army we strive to be the most organized, most disciplined, squared away soldiers and human beings on the face of this earth and have done so for decades. From the way we speak and treat each other, the way we carry out our daily rituals right down to the way we dress in accordance with AR 670-1: This regulation prescribes the authorization for wear, composition, and classification of uniforms, and the occasions for wearing all personal, optional, and commonly worn organizational Army uniforms. It also prescribes the awards, insignia, and accouterments authorized for wear on the uniform, and how these items are worn. Military professionalism also depends highly on commitment. We must be committed to the country, the service, our unit, and ultimately each other and the mission we are given to...

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...Sydney Minorik Maureen Williams BSAD 220, Section 103, MW, 11:30-12:20 September 1, 2014 What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Professionalism After brainstorming ideas on what the word “professionalism” meant to me and getting nowhere, I decided that it would be more efficient to get on my computer and type the word into Google. To no surprise, the first web page that popped up was Wikipedia. Although I typically avoid Wikipedia, I clicked on the hyperlink deciding to give the website another shot. Wikipedia described the word “professionalism” as being the status, methods, character or standards expected of a professional or of a professional organization. I should have trusted my initial instinct because Wikipedia’s vague definition wasted about 52 seconds of my time. As I sat staring at my computer frustrated and discouraged, it hit me. A professional always does his or her best to avoid wasting time. When I was a kid, I was nicknamed “The Procrastinator” by my 6th grade teacher. I spent my days dazing off into space, doodling boys names in notebooks and catching up on sleep while my teachers lectured. When my parents would ask me what I had learned that day, I would sit twiddling my thumbs in an effort to change the subject. I was constantly wasting time. As my grade point average dropped drastically and my parents grew more and more frustrated with me, I decided I needed to make a change. I needed to stop wasting so much time and handle my education more......

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...1.0 Exercises on Professionalism 1.3.a. What is your over-all rating? Do you agree or disagree with the rating? Why and why not? Give some supporting answers to your judgment/s. My over-all rating in the Professional Development Assessment was 109 points out of 120. I believe the rating I got was reasonable and just since I pondered over the possibilities of each component. Definitely, I am in agreement with the rating. It is neither too high to the point of being improbable nor too low to being a discredit. The total percentage I got for this evaluation was 90.83%. This means that despite demonstrating the behaviors frequently, it must be taken into account that I am not perfect; I have my flaws and shortcomings. The point of the assessment was to rate how often I exhibit the given traits and to figure out areas that I need to improve on. Even though most of my answers on the subsections of the different professional behaviors fall under the consistently rating scale, I still had items wherein I encircled frequently or “75 to 95% of the time.” This just shows that even though I could rate the behaviors as a whole, I am aware that there are still underlying factors to be considered. For instance, Professional Presentation and Initiative lead me to think that I put them into practice consistently. However, I have realized that I fall short at some aspects under those behaviors. Truly, I should not neglect the smaller details and should consider them important. 1.3.b.......

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...Group Assignment BM3202 Developing Management Capabilities September 2015 Name: Zhang Zhao Han 00010553 Liu Xin 00010766 Zheng Chao 00010783 Ge Jin Hui 00010757 * Definition and example: Professionalism is one of the most important soft skills wanted by managers. This is also a factor keys for success. So what is the professionalism? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines professionalism as "the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person". If we ask any employer, all of them want a professional employee instead an unprofessional employee. (Christine, 2015) In our research, we find that there are six attributes included in professionalism (Shelvy, 2013). First is specialized knowledge, as a professional person, the knowledge in his or her areas are important. The most representative is academic qualification. A person's education level representative of his knowledge and skills. Generally speaking, during the interview, academic qualification is a mandatory targets for a person to get the job. Almonds in every area, the professionals are required excellent professional knowledge to complete the task or job. Also the professionals need keep his or her knowledge up-to-date in order to do their best. Secondly is competency, the professionals always get the jobs done, they know how to do in the professional ways. They manage expectations up front and focusing to solve the...

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...Professionalism: The Nursing Profession Villanova University- NUR 1102 Professionalism: The Nursing Profession Professionalism is a quality that is practiced on a daily basis by individuals in many adverse fields of employment. Atsede Fantahun (2014) said, “professionalism is defined as the conceptualization of obligations, attributes, interactions, attitudes, and role behaviors required of professionals in relationship to individual clients and to society as a whole” (p. 2). A professional is expected to display competent and skillful behaviors in relationship with their area of concentration. Nurses are required to bear a tremendous amount of responsibilities and are expected to uphold all values of the nursing profession. A serious nursing shortage is causing multiple issues in the nation’s health care system. Many experienced nurses are leaving the field and young people are not selecting nursing as a potential career. Because of this, reassessment of professionalism in nursing is recommended. The word professionalism has a multi-dimensional concept behind it. This means that there is a single basic interpretation, or any one way to assess it. Although it is multi-dimensional, it is possible to deliberate on by looking into the individual, inter-personal, and societal fractions. In nursing, professional practice is known to be a strong loyalty to compassion, caring and strong ethics, development of self and others, accountability......

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...Professionalism connotes different meaning to different people as it cuts across all walks of life. Professionalism as it relates to the medical profession embodies the relationship between medicine and society as it forms the basis of patient-physician trust. It makes salient factors like attitudes, behaviors, and characteristics which are desirable among the medical profession evident (Ross-Kerr & Wood, 2006). A high level of professionalism should be exhibited on the job looking at the example of surgeons performing a rectum operation on a patient and they busted into laughter in the process since the patient was on anesthesia. This was an unethical behavior they were shooting the video and making fun of the client lying in pain awaiting their help. “The intimacy and integrity of the nurse-client relationship demand that nurses protect the right of their clients. This achieved as nurses follow standards, policies, guidelines, and legislations regarding consent to treatment (Ross-Kerr & Wood, 2006, P 106).” In essence, the adherence to professionalism is of great significance when it comes to the medical profession. “In nursing, professionalism is described as the skills, attitude, values and behaviors common to those that undertake the practice of medicine. Professionalism to nurses includes knowledge of the human body and the skills required to maintain that body’s standard of health, personal integrity, an adherence to codes and conduct, accountability, a dedication to...

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...Reflection on Teaching the Literacy of Professionalism Kimberly Diamante Gateway Technical College Reflection on Teaching the Literacy of Professionalism My article was titled Teaching the Literacy of Professionalism, within the article they discussed the development and implementation of a course to promote development of professional skills related to scholarship. The article states that many RN’s seeking their BSN are lacking well-developed nonclinical professional skills. As such they sought to help students explore professional growth through writing, presenting, portfolio development and management in an elective online course. Each week students were given required readings from professional journals, web sites and other media. The administrators chose to use periodicals rather than text book as they felt it better met the goal of keeping the literature current. Students then used these journals to orchestrate a group presentation on professionalism in nursing. All students met the coarse competencies and student evaluations of course were overwhelmingly positive. After having read multiple articles on professionalism I learned that professionalism seems to mean many different things to different nurses. From a historical stand point “Professionalism” is defined as "a vocation with a body of knowledge and skills put into service of the good of others" (Arnold, 2002, p. 502). Regardless of how an individual defines professionalism, one irrefutable fact......

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