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Introduction to Philosophy
Jeffrey Nall
Spring 2016
MWF, 11:30 AM-12:20PM
Masaru Sakata Philosophy Journal

philosophy journal Reflection
To begin with, upon choosing this class, my expectations was to just get by, finish my last general education requirement class, and possibly learn a thing or two about philosophy. in fact, when i first entered the class, i was already thinking to myself what’s even the point for this class. but, the moment professor nall spoke, i knew i was in for a ride. throughout my time on the course, i did develop new insights about myself. when you describe a journey, you describe obstacles an individual faces in it. in this class, i actually faced several of those. obviously they are not of no means physical, but i questioned a lot of the different things i believe in, including my religion. there was actually a time this semester where i actually questioned if god did exist during the time between the arguments of an existence of a creator to the topic about the different types of evil. furthermore, after different events that have happened outside of class and actually learning about the information in class, i personally believe my thinking developed in a way that makes me critically think about everything i decide to believe in and not just follow it like a robot. To clarify, I am still a roman catholic and i think my faith actually strengthened because of this class. additionally, i have developed new insight and a new perspective on fallacies and contradictory statements. Before this class, i never really thought of fallacies and how often they take place in our society today. Ultimately, in this class, i definitely discovered a different part of me, a part of me that really will start thinking about different ideologies and beliefs, someone who basically is open to new…...

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