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Project Management Time Management

NOTE: Do not use Microsoft Project to create and calculate these values. Do it “by hand” first and then if you would like to experiment with MS Project feel free to do so after you have completed your assignment.
Project #1: Moving across country
Activity A: Get bids on moving company
Activity B: Choose a moving company
Activity C: Go through belongings and decide what to keep and what to sell/give away
Activity D: Prepare for and do a yard sale for unwanted items
Activity E: Give away unwanted items not sold in garage sale
Activity F: Inventory remaining items
Activity G: Pack remaining items
Activity H: Move

Activity Preceding Activities Duration in Days
A Start 9
B A,C 3
C Start 13
D C 9
E D 2
F E 10
G F 11
H B,G 3

1. Draw the network diagram for this project (draw by hand and scan or create diagram in PowerPoint, word or excel and import)

2. What is the critical path and what is its duration?
The critical path is C+D+E+F+G+H = 48 days 3. What is the slack/float for Activity B?

Slack/Float for Activity B is 29

A+B+H = 15 C+B+H=19 (longest path for B)

Critical Path – longest path for B 48 - 19 = 29 days

4. Which path has the longest (most) slack?

The shortest path: A+B+H = 15

5. What is the slack of the path in question #4?

Critical Path – Shortest path 48 - 15 = 33 days

6. If Activity B slips from three days to six days, what is the critical path?

C+D+E+F+G+H = 48 doesn’t change the critical path.

7. With the duration adjustment in question 6, what is the new slack for Activity B?
Slack/Float for Activity B is 26 days

A+B+H = 15 C+B+H=22 (longest path for B)
Critical Path – longest path for B 48 -…...

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