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PMI Project of the Year Award
The Umatilla facility was asked to safely destroy one of the largest stockpiles of U.S. chemical weapons inventory in the country. They were asked to complete the task by April 29, 2012. The world would be watching as the company took on this colossal assignment. Jackson II (n.d.)
The Project Team Exhibited Exceptional and Ethical PM Practices
There are five project management process groups and the Umatilla facility initiated each of these activities to achieve their goal. The process was initiated, planned, executed and monitored. Schwalbe (2011)
To initiate the process the U.S. Army brought in the engineering firm of URS because they realized the extent of the risk that would have to be undertaken. Through the planning process, the team came up with a plan for the first phase which would be to package each nerve agent into different categories or “campaigns” whereas only the designated chemical could be incinerated. By executing this plan the risk would be reduced. This process would be executed over a designated span of months. Forming campaigns assisted the Umatilla factory in terms of safety because it helped them to know at all times what was being destroyed. Jackson II (n.d.)
Obstacles that Could Adversely Impact the Triple Constraints
One of the problems that URS faced was that even though they were able to recruit about 20 percent of employees who were to work on this problem from their current workforce, the majority of them were inexperienced. There weren’t many local employees who were able to decommission chemical weapons. Because of this concern, URS hired most of the employees early and began training them right away. Jackson II (n.d.)
They were able to simulate what the employee would actually be doing in a real life situation. It was like a practice run. This enabled employees to become familiar…...

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