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discuss how you can apply any two (2) Project Scheduling Principles to any project of your choice

The project of my choice is the Roofing of a building,

Attached is the gnatt chart to illustrate how the chart can be used
1, Identify the work to be done
2, Schedule the activities to be done
3, Allocate resources
Based on the chart the work to be done is identified and divided as follows to complete the roofing work, hence we have 5 project to execute under roofing work.
The whole project would take 3 weeks to complete. The first three works will proceed one after the other (finish to start) ie Taking Levels(wall plates , king post positions) must be completed before the Roof Carcass is started, which in turn must be completed before roofing sheet installation is started.
Ceiling noggins come after roofing sheet installation but with a lag of 1 day, this implies that ceiling noggins does not have to wait till roof sheet installation is complete, but can start while the roof sheet installation is yet completed (1 day to completion) as some aspect of the roof installation should have been completed already(by then).
In the other hand Electrical piping must finish the same day as the ceiling noggins (Finish to Finish) and it’s to start two days to the end of ceiling noggins.

Having identify the work to be done, the schedule of activities it would now be possible to allocate resources for each of the activities as follows

ROOF CARCASS 6 carpenters

With all these in place budget and cost can now be allocated, once…...

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