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October 17th, 2015

Marketing Yourself in Today’s Competitive Job Market

Marketing and Promotions Manager

Job Description:
A promotions Manager is responsible for supervising promotions programs to incentivize the point-of-sale. He combines advertising with promotional deals to attract consumers and clients to buy products. A Promotions manager works with marketing and sales departments to create promotions and advertising campaigns. He is also responsible for developing and launching discounts and coupons through social media or other means.

Salary range:
The salary range may vary depending on a number of factors including industry, company size, location, years of experience and level of education.
According to the website, the annual salary range of a Promotions Manager in the United States falls between $60,448 and $113,165 with a median of $86,665.
According to the website, the annual salary range of a Promotions Manager in the United States (in Miami more precisely) falls between $63,000 and 123,000$ with a national average of $72,258.
According to the website, the annual salary range of a Promotions Manager in the United States falls between $25,406 and $86,007 with a median of $46,433.

Summary of informational interview:
A friend introduced me to a Promotions Manager that was in charge of promoting a Pico projector. I first asked him about his educational background and experience. I then asked him to describe me his daily tasks at work. The most important thing I learned during this interview is the correlation between sales and promotions and how tightly knitted the both are. Mehdi (the name of the promotions manager) highly recommended me to acquire a sales experience through an internship to gain field expertise mentioning that this is what he personally did before joining the…...

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