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economic, Social and enviromental performance

member of the mol group

annual report 2008

tvK at a glance Key financial and operating data Letter from the Chairman Overview of the environment OUR BUSINESSES Major Strategic Goals Consolidated Companies Our Production Our Sales

4 6 8 12 16 20 22 28

FINANCIAL AND OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE Management Discussion and Analysis on the results 34 Independent Auditor’s report 46 Consolidated Financial Statements 49 Supplement to the consolidated financial statement 55 1 10 Key Corporate Data SUSTAINABILIT y REPORT Main results and goals Protecting the Environment Human Focus Our Quality Management Our Social Commitment Performance indicators CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Corporate Governance Integrated Risk Management Board of Directors Top Management Structure of Organization of TVK Plc. Supervisory Board Report by the Supervisory Board Corporate Information GLOSSARY OF TERMS SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBLIT Y 1 16 122 125 132 133 136 142 150 152 156 158 159 161 162 165 168 169


tvK annual report 2008


tvK at a glance

Tisza Chemical Group Public Limited Company (TVK Plc. or TVK) operates in Tiszaújváros, as a member of the Petrochemical Division of the MOL Group, and cooperates integratedly with Slovnaft Petrochemicals, s.r.o., in Bratislava. We are supplying polymers mainly to European plastic processing companies, and our olefin sales are significant mainly towards the Hungarian chemical and oil-processing industries. Our petrochemicals business is among the top ten players in the European polyolefin market, and are supported by excellent geographic position. We produce commodity polymers in competitive quality, which are fundamental for a wide range of industrial application and for the production of a vast number of consumer goods that are essential to our everyday lives.…...

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...elements in the communication process. 1.2 Analyze the five C’s of communication. 1.3 Identify two key elements that make individual communication successful. 1.4 Explain six roadblocks to successful communication in groups. 1.5 Discuss the impact of sexual orientation and age on communication. 1.6 Describe the cultural impact on one’s perception of health and its impact on communication. Readings Read the Week One Read Me First. Read Ch. 3, 5, & 10 of Communicating About Health. Read this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. Participation Participate in class discussion. Ongoing Minimum of 4 days per week 1 Discussion Questions Respond to 2 weekly discussion questions. DQ 1: Thursday DQ 2: Saturday 1 Course Design Guide HCS/320 Version 2 2 Learning Team Instructions Create the Learning Team Charter. Begin developing the Communication Channels Paper due in Week Three. Thursday (Day 3) 2/23/2012 Individual Pre-class Survey Write your responses to the following questions based upon your experience. · What is communication? · What is the purpose of communication? · What is good communication? · What is your understanding of the differences between verbal and nonverbal communication? · What is your experience with team or group communication? · Describe your experience with utilizing formal written communication. Monday (Day 7) 2/20/2012 5 Week Two: Communication Channels in a Variety of Organizations Communication Differences in Large......

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