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Property Management
March 22, 2012 BM 272 Sometimes during the course of doing business unfortunate events can occur. There are no ways to predict when or if these things can happen. You have to deal with these individual situations and do whatever it takes to try and make sure they don’t happen again. Being involved in business activities related to construction you put yourself at a greater risk for physical harm to occur. Sometimes the result of construction accidents can even be fatal. Construction workers and business owners are aware of the dangers, but the show must go on. Property managers are responsible for overseeing construction projects for their bosses. Overseeing these projects can be time consuming and involve researching the contractors that you use. The degree of research you do can determine your reputation and whether or not you have a job. If I was offered the job of property manager for a developer who had been getting negative publicity and had a fatality at one of his construction sites I would have to research the developer. I would start by trying to get to the bottom of the negative publicity. Accidents at construction sites are fairly common. I would try and see if the developer was negligent. If the developer was negligent and used a construction company that he shouldn’t have it wouldn’t be a good sign. The next thing I would do is just ask around. If the developer has a bad reputation I would probably hear about it. The developer may have just made some enemies along the way and may be a good person. Competing for business can cause rivals. Sometimes your rivals can be powerful people. The old property manager may also be able to shed some light on the situation. If I accepted the offer I would just want honesty and loyalty from the developer. I wouldn’t want to find out I was dealing with someone…...

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