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Proposition Eight

Turn on any bay area news channel during news time and at least one story regarding opposite gender marriage will be on. The thought of the law passing in support of same gender marriage is becoming fervor among the gay community in the bay area and California. The number of people apposed to the laws changing in favor of same gender marriage is large but the number of people supporting same gender marriage is vastly growing and the youth are leading the way. The media aids in portrayal of same gender couples as if they were a style with widespread footage shown on the Internet and television. Although the media plasters traces of same gender passion throughout the Internet and television for all adolescence to see, the fact still exist that it is the civil right of each individual in the country to be treated upon fairly by the government regardless of their gender, race, and sexual preference.
The majority of people in California in favor of The California protection act that is a ballot proposition and Constitution amendment that passed by means of state election better known as proposition eight, involves the band on same couple marriage in California. The majority of people who have apposed the measure on same gender marriage may be large but the number of people in favor of same gender marriage is growing and especially among our youth in California. The trend of same gender passion is all throughout the media and television shows. One movie that exploded throughout mainstream media and society was Broke Back Mountain. Broke Back Mountain is a controversial movie that depicts a sexual relationship between two men in the American west. President George W. Bush announced to a crowd that he had seen the movie. The young crowd responded to President Bush with a loud boisterous cheer. The movie was made in…...

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