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A. Classify the two alternatives in terms of what type of application architecture they use.
The first alternative in terms of application architecture is a client-based architecture. As it states that the downloaded tool will communicate with the DRUB server to select data and analyze, which is very similar to the client-based architecture where the clients tells the server what data to select and analyze and processes data will be sent back to the client for display.

The second alternative in terms of application architecture is two-tier client-server architecture. The application logic can be partitioned between the client and the server. The server is responsible for the data and the client, the application and presentation. Using the web browser the client will talk to the web server using a standard called HTTP (Jerry Fitzgerald, 2009).
B). Outline the pros and cons of the two alternatives and make a recommendation to Fred about which is better.
Solution 1 Client-based architecture: Pros:
1. More inexpensive to implement as microcomputers are considerably cheaper versus mainframe.
2. Hardware of different manufactures or platforms can function together on the same network.

Solution 1 Client-based architecture: Cons:
1. Data traffic must be sent and received between client and host.
2. Due to the potential amount of information that must be sent between client and host, this can put a significant performance hit against the network, affecting all machines.

Solution 2: Thin-client pros:
1. Better performance because processing is distributed to multiple machines (multiple web servers for example where load balancing is used to optimize network/server resources)
2. Using a web…...

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