Prosectuion vs Defense

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Prosecution versus Defense
William J Brenengen
Feb 10, 2012
Harvey Smith

Prosecution versus Defense
One would hope the time to retain an attorney will never come. Life has a way of throwing things at us, and it’s up to us to be prepared. If the time should happen to come, it helps to know a little about the prosecutor and the defense attorney.
A defense attorney is the person who will provide legal representation if you are ever arrested and charged with an offense. Another reason to have a defense attorney would be if your name is ever mentioned or brought up in a lawsuit. The primary role of a good defense attorney is to represent their client and defend them in any type of lawsuit.
If you ever get charged with a crime you will be represented by a criminal defense attorney. Crimes range from rape, murder and driving while under the influence. It is the defense attorney’s job to protect your rights and to above all, represent you. “The criminal defense attorney may assist with appeals as well” (Nogara, 2013).
When a person’s name is brought up in a lawsuit a civil defense attorney will be representing them. This attorney will again provide all legal representation and offer reasons why you should not be held liable. Their job is to review all the information provided in the case and work with you the defendant to establish a good defense.
A prosecutor on the other hand has three major roles to play. The first being the investigation of the crime or crimes committed. Next it’s his or her job to decide on whether legal proceeding will occur, and third it’s their responsibility to appear in court.
A prosecutor will work with local police in the investigation process of the crime. In turn they will initiate contact with the person accused of committing the crime, as well as the witnesses and the victim.
Once all of the…...

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