Providing Quality Service

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Providing Quality Service
Strayer University
Quality Service Assurance HTM150
Dr. Cecily Anthony
August 23, 2014

In the hospitality world quality service is the key difference between good, bad, and indifferent hospitality companies. When you have good customer service people will come back, bad customer service will drive people away and keep the company from attracting new guests. What a company can do is devise a guest strategy that gets the guests involved (Lewis, 2004). Some ways that the guest can be involved in hospitality are: consultant or source of expertise and quality information, marketer, part of the environment for other guests, co-producers of the experience, or as a manager of the service providers and system. Some of these sound absurd but they are very prevalent in the hospitality industry (Lewis, 2004).
GUESTS AS UNPAID CONSULTANTS Many organizations will use different ways to get feedback from the guests, such as guest cards to get the guests likes and dislikes. When this happens the guest becomes an unpaid consultant and even act as quality control inspectors. As the input from the guests as to their experience becomes part of information that managers will use to make changes to the delivery system, environment, and the service product, that makes the guests consultants as the give important feedback to company (Ford, Strurman, & Cherrill, 2012). This strategy is not new as many originations use feedback from their customers to help make the guest experience better. As the guest is one of the best way to get what is already good and what needs to improved, makes this type of strategy very popular within the hospitality industry. Building on these strategy organizations will often invite customers to a focus group; these groups are good in that the organizations can get a more detailed review of the guest’s experience.


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