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Leadership Position

Fernanda Jones
PSYC 305: Motivation and Leadership
Week 2 Individual Assignment
July 17, 2011

Leadership is critical and essential in all areas of society and at all levels of responsibility. It is very important that a leader uses his/her power effectively to meet the responsibility of the leadership position he/she assumes and while not abusing this power. I find that power of the person; more specifically charisma power is the most effective type of power. Power of the person is based on how leaders are viewed by others. A balanced blend of the four sources of power makes for a solid and successful leader. These power sources from the power of person type include expert power, referent power, rational power and charisma power. I find that charisma power is the most effective used by leaders where the leader is able to motivate and inspire others to action by force of personal traits, including optimism, sense of adventure and commitment to a cause. (Gray & Larson, 2011, p. 144). Compared to any of the power types from power of the position it is most effective since the followers/employees can identify and relate to the cause of the group or the mission of the organization. The only positive out of the power of position, which is based on what leaders can offer to others, is that of reward, known as the power of reward.
I think the type of power I have is rational power, which is the capacity to influence others because of well-developed reasoning and problem solving. I always try to think clearly and explain things logically. If it makes sense and it is logical, then it must be right or worth the effort. I also think that it is important to get facts before making a decision. Poor decisions affect leaders negatively and see them, as failures so getting the facts are something that is always important and a habit for me.

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