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What I See As The Biggest Challenges Young Adults Face Today

To inform the audience of the challenges that current crop of youths are facing in their moral choices especially those relating to drugs. To persuade the audience that, the fight and success against drug abuse is their responsibility. Develop education programs that highlight the negative effects of drug abuse as well as provide treatment on demand for victims.
A. Drug Abuse
B. Joblessness
C. Poor Parenting
Body of Presentation:
Drug abuse: Increasing awareness on negative effects of drug abuse. (Hanson, Venturelli, & Fleckenstein, 2008) Ignorance (Donohew, Sypher, & Bukoski, 1991)
Government poor policies Retrenchments that leave many jobless
Poor Parenting: Young adults brought up in broken homes Young adults from orphanages
Drug abuse is one of the leading challenges that face young adults.
It is a result of Ignorance amongst users about drugs and negative effects iDonohew,Sypher, & Bukoski, 1991) This can be resolved by increasing awareness on the negative effects of drug abuse. (Hanson, Veturelli, & Fleckenstein, 2008). Another challenge faced by young adults is joblessness. Joblessness is caused by poor government policies or reluctance to implement existing policies (Fernando, 2011). It can also be caused by measures taken by companies to retrench workers to either make more profits or caution the companies from collapsing. Poor parenting is also another challenge faced by young adults (Golombok, 2000). In some instances, young adults have been brought up in the hardships of orphanages as a result of abandonment by their parents (Shepard, 2009).
Conclusion ;
This outline has managed to highlight that drug abuse, joblessness, and poor…...

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