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Hybrid Structure Systems (Case Study: Nakagin Capsule Tower)

Hybrid structure Definition: Two structure systems with dissimilar mechanics of redirecting forces can be locked together to form a single operational construct with new mechanics.

Our case is a composite of section active and height active structures:
Section-Active Structure systems:

Section active definition: are structure systems of solid rigid linear elements – including their compacted form as slab, in which the redirection of forces is effected through mobilization of sectional forces.

Type of structures: 1. Beam structures 2. Frame structures 3. Beam grid Structure 4. Slab structures

Height-Active Structure systems: (P.288

Height active definition: are structure systems of rigid solid elements in predominantly vertical extension, in which the redirection of forces (the collection and grounding of height loads [story load, wind load]) is effected through typical height resistance composition of elements.

Type of structures: 1. Bay-type Highrise 2. Casing Highrise 3. Core Highrise 4. Bridge HIghrise

Case Study (Nakagin Capsule Tower)

Designed by: Architect Kisho Kurokawa
Built in: 1972
Location: Tokyo – Japan

Building Statics:
Site area: 442m2
Building Area: 430m2
Total Floor Area: 3091m

Structure Details:
Structural steel frame partly encased in concrete Max of 140 capsule units, 11 -13 stories including one basement.

Cores: are rigid frame, made of a steel frame and reinforced concrete. From the basement to the second floor, ordinary concrete was used. Above those levels, lightweight concrete was used.
Capsules: Exterior: all-welded lightweight steel truss boxes clad in galvanized, rib reinforced steel panels. Panel were coated with rust preventative paint and finished with a coat of kenitex glossy spray.…...

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...Banking services in Qatar Banks in Qatar are extremely well financed, secure and well regulated, with the Qatari authorities supporting domestic banks, where necessary, with direct investments. In Qatar you may find several branches of both national and international banks. Large companies, governmental departments also have banks located on site. Banking services are quite modern and some bank provide drives in services, other offer mobile banking, cash deposit machines and many facilities to their customers Retail banking services available in Qatar include branch banking, online and telephone banking. The use of credit, debit and cash cards is widespread, and cash is a popular form of payment for everyday transactions. Bank statements and official banking correspondence can be provided either in Arabic or English, and many of the banks in Qatar provide counter services in both languages. The main types of bank account in Qatar There are three main types of accounts used for everyday banking and savings in Qatar: * Current account – typically used for everyday banking. Current accounts generally have no monthly fees so long as a minimum balance is maintained (around 3,000 QAR) and many offer unlimited transactions. Interest rates paid on current accounts are generally low * Savings account – typically pays a higher rate of interest than current accounts, but access to funds may be limited, and savings accounts may allow only a certain number of fee-free......

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