Qr Codes Project

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QR Codes Project
Azza Sayed, Farah Zaghloul, Leena El Gebaly, Majed Al Suwaidi, Zahra M. Anwar
Business Information Systems 101
Mr. Ali Khawaja
27th September 2009


Introduction to QR Codes 3 QR Code History 3 Features of QR Codes 5 Creating QR Codes 7 How Can You Read Them? 8 Where are they being used? 8 Where is it going? 10 Where could they be used? 10 Bibliography 12

Introduction to QR Codes

Binary Punch Card
An early form of barcodes was punch cards. They were first used by Basile Bouchon in the year 1725. Punch cards were papers where data is represented by holes. It was first used in textiles and later was used in computers. Today, punch cards are no longer used. They have been replaced by barcodes. (Punch Cards - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)Woodland and Silver’s "Bull's eye" code

The first commercial use of barcodes was in 1966. However, there was no standard to be used for the industry as a hole. Therefore, the National Association of Food Chains requested and industry standard for barcodes. (History of Barcodes | eHow.com) In response, Logicon Inc. developed the Universal Grocery Products Identification Code. It was the first barcode standard. (Bar Codes - The History of Barcode)
A UPC-A barcode symbol
On April 3rd 1972 a form of barcodes was chosen as the industry standard. It was the IBM developed Universal Product Code (UPC). The UPC more advanced (technically) than previous standards. Moreover, it was the most important event in the history modern logistics. After the propagation of the UPC, all companies needed to register with the Uniform Code Council (UCC) and use the UPC on their products. (Barcoding Inc. - Barcode History)
QR Code History

Today, barcodes are split into two types: the linear (1D) codes, and the matrix (2D) codes. Traditional barcodes were all linear, including the UPC.…...

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 McDonald’s Code of Conduct for Suppliers McDonald’s believes that all employees deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. In each and every aspect of the employment relationship, employers need to act towards their employees as they would themselves want to be treated. The 100% satisfaction of our internal customers – our employees – is essential to the 100% satisfaction of our external customers. Moreover, McDonald’s is committed to a policy of complying with the law wherever it does business, and to maintaining high standards of business conduct. As a result, McDonald’s has established a well-respected record and reputation for business honesty and integrity. These principles apply globally, form the basis for McDonald’s own ethical business practices, and are cornerstones to McDonald’s success. As you may know all companies have their own set of “code of conduct”. Each business has their own purpose, mission, and outlook on things, but they also have many things in......

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