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There are five different data collection methods, using articles I will provide two different examples of data collection.
Using an interview to gather data can be a successful way to get the information you need. You can base your interview questions solely on the information you need and want and nothing more. One way to collect information that can be an easy way to gather information that you need with would be to ask close ended questions, with a yes or no answer. This way you can get the information you need and want and not have a lot of excess information that is not needed. Another way to collect data would be to observe people. You can gather data by observing for multiple things. Clothing styles, colors, hair styles and things of that sort. When observing people to gather data, you need to make sure that you are in a place that has a wide variety of people. If you are observing people in a gym then you will most likely find people in sporting wear rather than wearing jeans. When in a children’s store you may find expectant mothers, grandmothers, young couples, older couples, a wide variety of people. Another place you would find a wide variety of people to observe is a grocery store or big box store. There are advantages and disadvantages to using each method for collection of data. A few advantages would be that the information relates solely on what is currently happening within that situation. Whoever is completing the observation is only going to be recording what they are seeing or hearing at that time. Also, it’s a very independent study. The person or persons’ being observed don’t necessary have to say or do anything, there’s no willingness to respond to the observer. A downfall of the observation method is that the information that is collected within that time could be very limited to…...

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