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Cd/EMI industry and My future predictions

By: Stephen Brown

Table of Contents
Chapters Page
Chapter-1 Introduction pgs 1-2
Chapter-2 History and changes of EMI pgs 2-4
Chapter-3 History of Music Industry pgs 4-6
Chapter-4 Negative effects on Music Industry (past and present) pgs 6-8
Chapter-5 Conclusion pg 8
References pg 9

In recent years and in the past there have been constant changes in the selling of music cds by corporations within the industry. Over the years many different situations have caused music corporations abroad to be faced with negative results and now just as before new problems exist which must be analyzed and corrected or the industry will suffer. In the nineties events such as mega retailers undercutting prices of the industry contributed to what was considered as the major music selling problems them. Within the last several years until now, factors such as file sharing and lower value ratings on music have caused today’s situation to reach levels of disaster far worst then in the past. (Music Cd Industry)
To have an interpretation of the outcome of the music industry one must look to the past and present for the answers. EMI group is one of the biggest names in the music industry, are associated with more…...

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