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Quinte MRI’s leased MRI machine is not meeting expected output causing loss of revenue for the clinic and hurting BCMC’s reputation in the community. This problem is coming from the scheduling of scanning operations at the clinic.
Quinte MRI’s leased MRI machine was promised to handle 2 scans per hour and is currently struggling to handle 1 per hour. I am confident that Quinte needs to improve the scheduling department’s communication with the Radiologist and MR Technologists. Jeff is unable to meet the demand of reading the scan as soon as the patient is done. If Jeff were to read the scan right away, it would take longer from him get the next scan started. Quinte needs to hire a new MR Technologist in order to keep up with demand, increase revenue, and increase patient satisfaction. This will add a cost of $38 per hour plus benefits, but will eliminate overtime for Jeff. Hiring a new MR Technologist will have the following benefits: increased productivity, less errors, alleviate workload for Jeff allowing for a backup when Jeff needs a day off, and increase revenues. The only cons of doing this are the new costs that will be added and the risk that this solution may not pay off.
Having a back log of 14 days is a huge issue in the medical field. If a patient needs an MRI it is because something is wrong in their body and they need to figure it out ASAP. This is providing terrible quality of service to its patients. Extensive wait times have caused bottlenecks in the MRI process and have placed constraints on the overall process. Patients are going to be upset and bring their business to another clinic. Quinte is going to lose revenue and referrals from the doctor and other patients. I am confident that the scheduling system needs to be revamped. Patients need to be aware of what to wear to the appointment to save time, have a waiting list…...

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