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The Influence of Animation on Modern Illustration Graphic Design 1102 Jiachen Chang


The animation elements can always interacts with modern illustration. This paper is going to start from the development of illustration, and it is going to analyze thoroughly the relevance of modern animation and illustration elements. Research shows the development level and orientation of modern animation and illustration by comparing Japanese animation with Chinese animation. Therefore, it asked people to make a choice between respecting for tradition and making a difference.

Key words: vector pixel supernatural Chinoiserie

Introduction: Present status of development of illustration 1
Vectors and Pixels – The Combination of Occasionality and Design 2
The Elements in Animation3 1) The Duality of Japanese Animation4 2) The Classical Chinese Ink and Wash Painting: Chinoiserie5
The Perfect Combination of Illustration and Animation6

The Influence of the Animation Elements on Modern Illustration Design


Present status of development of illustration

Illustration is actually an ancient way for design. Let’s talk about the last century-the birth of NYADC. With the development of printing technology, illustration entered into the “golden age”. As the development of photography, printing and computer technology, however, illustration began to decline at the same time.

Nevertheless, illustration was going to restart during the early period of information age although most people thought that illustration was going to disappear soon.

Vectors and Pixels – The Combination of Occasionality and Design

Vectors and pixels are the two languages used for early network communication on the limited computer technology; nevertheless, the limitation properly raised its…...

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