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Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun presents evidence of the rise of feminism in the 1950-60s. "The outspoken (if then yet unnamed) feminism of the daughter" (6) is displayed throughout the play by Beneatha, the radical of the Younger family. She is the clearest example of feminism within the play with her high aspirations and dreams, her need to express herself, and her defiance of the stereotypical female role within America.
The belief that becoming a doctor in a white and male-dominated field is within her grasp as a black woman exhibits one example of Beneatha's feministic attitude within this play. By refusing to except to become the traditional, impotent housewife, she continues to challenge the stereotypical female character of the 1950s, much to her brother's dismay.

Walter Lee's chauvinistic view of Beneatha and other women presents a perpetual problem for Beneatha. The siblings constantly bicker and fight about Beneatha's expensive ambitions and unruly independence. The obstinate defiance showed towards her brother symbolizes her defiance of the stereotypical female character towards her brother, George Murchison (a love interest), and the like.

Throughout the play, Beneatha searches for her identity by rediscovering her African roots. Her wish to distance herself from the "Assimilationist Negroes" and to express herself as a woman of true African heritage causes her to "naturalize" her hair. Instead of forcing her hair to conform to the style of the stereotypical female of the time she cuts it off and declares natural is beautiful, much to the chagrin of George Murchison.

Feminism is an obvious theme within A Raisin in the Sun and Beneatha displayed traits of supporters of this social theory through her need to express herself by rediscovering her roots, her defiance of her brother and other males in the play, and her optimistic stance when…...

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...November 13th, 2009 A Raisin in the Sun “What happens to a dream deferred?” asks Langston Hughes. Lorraine Hansberry in A Raisin in the Sun explores the answer to his question through the Younger Family. Initially, the Younger Family members received a 10,000 dollar insurance check after their father’s passing. Each of the Younger’s had his own idea as how to spend the check. Each member believing that his or her idea will solve the family’s problems and will make their dreams come true. However, it takes more than money to fulfill their dreams. Each one must first identify his true desire before he can attain his goals. In order for Mama’s, Beneatha’s, and Walter’s dreams to become reality, each of the Younger members must transcend his or her selfish ways to become the independent respected adult each wishes to be. Mama’s dream was for her children, Walter and Beneatha to become independent. Mama wants nothing more; she just wants to see her children relying on themselves. She demands that members of her family respect themselves and take pride in their dreams.Mama wants Beneatha and Walter to understand that she will not be around forever to hold their hands. When Mama received the insurance check she went and purchased a house in an upscale, white neighborhood. Although she was doing what she thought was best, the purchasing of this house caused many problems among her family. Money is only a means to an end for Mama; dreams are more important to her than......

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...Cultural diversity is the assortment of cultures and societies we have, either within a city, region, or the world itself. In this adaptation of “A Raisin in the Sun” there were many cultures. The black women and the black men, the African American race as a whole, the rich white society, the have culture and have not so much culture. The diversity between the African American family and the Nigerian gentlemen Joseph who is interested in Beneatha and George shows that there are different black cultures and societies. Those being rich, foreign and those that have been here for generations and not been able to or have the opportunity to rise out of the situations they were brought into the world in. Benefits that Lena sees are the memories she has and the money coming and how it can change things even if just a little. But as the day goes on she sees that there is a strain on the household because of the money, and it is mainly her son. Walter sees everything as a drawback, how black people are treated, how they do not get the opportunities like white people and how they end up with service jobs, and he isn’t wrong for this time period. He sees his whole life as a draw back and the only benefit is the money his mama is getting in the mail. Because he is so blinded by his want to be wealthy and live better he trusts the wrong person with money his mother gave him; and money that was not just for him. Lena trusts her son, which ends up being a drawback because he loses it all to...

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...WALTER (sighing and looking at his watch): Oh, me. (He waits.) Now what is that boy doing in that bathroom all this time? He just going to have to start getting up earlier. I can't be to work on account of him fooling around in there. RUTH (turning on him): Oh, no he ain't going to be getting up no earlier no such thing! It ain't his fault that he can't no earlier nights 'cause he got a bunch of crazy good-for-nothing clowns sitting up running their mouths in what is supposed to be his bedroom after ten o'clock at night. .. WALTER: That's what you mad about, ain't it? The things I want to talk about with myfriendsjust couldn't be important in your mind, could they? He rises and finds a cigarette in her handbag on the 489 table and A RAISIN THE SUN Act IScene IN crosses to the little window andlooks out, smokingand deeply enjoying this first one. RUTH (almost matterof factly,acomplaint automatic detoo to serve emphasis): Why youalways to got smoke before eat you in the morning? WALTER (at thewindow): Just look at'em down there . .Running . and racing to work . . . (He turnsfaces his watches and and wife her a moment at the stove,and then, suddenly) You look young this morning, baby. RUTH (indifferently): Yeah? WALTER: Justfor a second—stirringthem eggs. Just a for second it was—you looked real young again. reaches she (He for her; crosses away. Then, It's gone drily) now—you look like yourself again! RUTH: Man, if you don'tshutup andleave alone. me WALTER (looking out to......

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...An Analysis of A Raisin In The Sun “A Raisin In The Sun” is a play written by an African-American playwright, Lorraine Hansberry. It was first produced in 1959. Lorraine Hansberry’s work is about a black family in the Chicago’s South-Side after the Second World War. The family consisted of Mama (Lena Younger), Walter Lee (her son), Ruth (his wife), Travis (their son), and Beneatha (Walters younger sister). The Younger family lived in poor conditions and can’t afford to have better living standards. However, Lena is waiting to receive a $10,000 check from her ex husband’s insurance money. The two main characters in the play, Mama and Walter, want this money to be used for the benefits of the whole family. Even though both of them want to benefit the family, each one has different idea on what to do with money and how to manage it to benefit everyone. Walter Lee, like his father want’s his family to have a better life and wants to invest the money in a liquor store. Walter want’s the money so that he can prove that he is capable of making a future for his family. By doing well in business, Walter thinks that he can buy his family happiness. Walter has dreams, which he most likely got from his father. He dreams of a better life for his family and himself to be financially stable and have a comfortable living. Ruth, on the other hand is stable and down to earth. She doesn’t make rash to choices to accommodate a dream. She will just make do with what she has. Mama is a......

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...Bob Jim English Composition II 4/22/2014 A Society Divided Life in America was tense for African Americans in the 1950’s or 1960’s. They were not treated the same way as white people were and this created many conflicts in society. Lorraine Hansberry wrote the play, “A Raisin in the Sun” to depict the story of a black family living under these circumstances who are trying to find a way to be happy. The Younger family, including Beneatha, Lena, and Walter Younger, all had positive dreams that were taken away by the negative encironment that were surrounding them. The image of these characters created by Hansberry reflects with the history and culture focusing on African American events. From the beginning, Lena Younger or Mama is seen flowering her plant. She treats the plant as a way she would to her kids. It symbolizes a way to nurture dreams and keep them thriving such as a plant. Everybody has dreams, and Mama’s dream is to live in a nice house. She has “been thinking that we maybe could meet the notes on a little old two- story somewhere, with a yard where Travis could play in the summertime” (989). In addition to her dream, she describes her house with a nice backyard for the kids to play in and “a little garden in the back” (990). She would also help pitch in some money by “take on a little work again, few days a week” (990). She just hopes this one dream would bring the family together under one roof. Her dream cannot be reached because she......

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...A Raisin in the Sun Latika Vick, Sharlyn Harvey, Suzette Alarcon, & Candace White BSHS/422 November 26, 2011 Tim Nolan A Raisin in the Sun A Raisin in the Sun is a play written by Lorraine Hansberry based on a colored family between WWII and the 1960’s. The family matriarch is Lena Younger, mother to Walter Lee Younger and Beneatha Younger. They reside in a Chicago Southside apartment along with Walter’s wife Ruth and son Travis. Living in a two-bedroom apartment which they share a bathroom with their neighbor is one of many obstacles the Younger family encounters. Their home is reaching capacity and they learn Ruth is pregnant. This one of many reasons the Younger family desires to move into a home in Clybourne Park. This writing will address some of the challenges the Younger family endured as a poor colored family living in Chicago and ways to address their problems. Walter Lee is the main character who battles with alcoholism, depression, discrimination, and the loss of his father. This writing will also concentrate on the Younger’s culture, beliefs, values, and religion. Cultural Issues and Problems Culture is a set of shared values, goals, practices, behaviors, and beliefs shared by a particular social, ethnic, or age groups. Lena Younger has raised her family to believe and have faith in GOD, love, and provide for family, value education, and work hard. Although she valued these things she still tried to instill values in her children.......

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...A Raisin in the Sun Persuasive Essay Prompt I believe the most important lesson about life that I learned by reading and studying Lorraine Hansberry’s play was that life has its peaks and valleys. The opening of the story starts with a family name the Younger’s in their apartment in the South Side of Chicago during the 1950s. It goes on to show us that it isn’t the best apartment in Chicago. It tells us that there is only one bathroom on their floor and that it isn’t very big and they refer to it as a “rat trap”. Next it tells us that Lena Younger is expecting a $10,000 life insurance check from the estate of her late husband, Walter Lee. With the check she is planning to retire from her job as a maid for a white family. Lena’s son, Walter Lee Junior, wants to use the money to buy a liquor store. His wife, Ruth, also a domestic in a white household, hopes to move to a larger apartment. Beneatha, Lena's daughter, dreams of going to medical school to be a doctor. When the check finally arrives anxiety breaks out in the family. Walter Lee feels he should get the money because he is the head of the family. While Ruth and Beneatha agree with each other that it is Lena's money, and she should decide how she wants to spend it. Lena realizes that the family's survival depends on their escape from the apartment. Because of this she makes a down payment on house in Clybourne Park. The only problem is that Clybourne Park is an all-white residential neighborhood. The plans......

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...play A Raisin In The Sun primarily using the character Walter Lee. Another work of literature that touches upon this issue of pride is the short story “The Rocking Horse Winner” by D.H. Lawrence, where the protagonist Paul demonstrates pride leading to madness taking over. These works are comparable with the theme of Pride being that both character’s, Walter and Paul, on took daring actions for their mother with the best of intentions. However although alike, these works differ because Walter’s mother wants to better her family’s living situation and fulfill a dream as opposed to Paul’s mother who is simply greedy as well as hungry for money and materialistic things. Throughout Hansberry’s A Raisin In The Sun the members of the Younger family each explain their own desire for success and a better life. While each member of the family hopes for something different, in the end they all wished to better their family situation. Walter’s discussion with Ruth in the beginning of the play illustrates his definition of success and the “American Dream” when he is ranting “Charlie Atkins was just a “good-for-nothing loudmouth” too, wasn’t he! When he wanted me to go in the dry-cleaning business with him. And now- he’s grossing a hundred thousand a year. A hundred thousand a year! You still call him a loudmouth!” (Hansberry 615). This scene shows how Walter is envious of wealth and considers bringing in a large income being a success. Much like the Younger family from A Raisin In......

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