Ramlila Maidan Incident

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"Power Tends To Corrupt, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"
-John Acton

India is the largest functional democracy in the world, and the Constitution of India is unique in each and every way. The Constitution of India is a mammoth piece of document; in fact the Indian Constitution is the longest in the world. As of now is has 441 Articles and 12 Schedules. It is probably the longest of the organic laws now extant in the world. The Constitution of India confers upon India the status of Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic. It allows us to elect our representatives and to form a government to makes laws and enforce them.
The Constitution of India guarantees to the people certain basic human rights and freedoms, such as, equal protection of laws, freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship and religion, freedom of assembly and association, freedom to move freely and to reside and settle anywhere in India, freedom to follow any occupation, trade or business, freedom of person, freedom against double jeopardy and against ex post facto laws. These rights are knows as Fundamental Rights and are envisaged in Part III of the Constitution of India.
A person can claim Fundamental Rights against the state subject to the state imposing some permissible restrictions in the interest of social control. The grounds for imposing these restrictions on Fundamental Rights are expressly mentioned in the Constitution itself and, therefore, these rights can be abridged only to the extent laid down.
The Ramlila Incident was a very unfortunate event. The Supreme Court of India took suo moto cognizance of the case and gave a new dimension to the Fundamental Rights stating that the right to sleep peacefully was a part was Article 21 and thus a Fundamental Right.
The brief facts concerning the incident are that Baba Ramdev wanted the government to bring all the…...

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