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Randy Pazen
2086 Koala Way Ventura, CA 93003 805-377-2323 randypazen@yahoo.com
A results-oriented Senior-level Leadership and Organizational Development professional with over 20 years experience, specializing in driving workforce engagement by aligning human capital strategies with business drivers and focusing on strategic outcomes. Skill sets include; instructional design, creative facilitation, program development, consulting and coaching for employees up to the vice president level. Security Clearance: Secret (Active)


Northrop Grumman Corporation, Electronic Systems, Woodland Hills, CA 06/2005 – Present
Senior Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant Research, design and implement strategic leadership and professional development services and programs on multiple campuses. This includes strategic planning, employee engagement, critical needs and gap analysis, new leader assimilation, team-building, performance management, workforce planning, retention, and structured coaching with employees, managers, directors, and vice-presidents. * Manage all aspects of the role-based Front Line Leader training program. Curriculum consists of 9 targeted workshops (64 total hours) taught 3 times annually in multiple states over a 4 year period * Created a strategy which increased participant attendance rates by 60% over an 18 month period * Manage the professional development training program, introducing 26 new seminars and workshops and reduced training overhead by 43% realigning existing content to business imperatives * Facilitate an average of 56 workshop and seminars annually * Introduced Individual Development Plans that tie directly the workforce engagement strategy and resulted in a…...

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