Re-Organization and Layoff: Solutions Paper

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Re-Organization and Layoff
Team D
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May 26, 2016
Martin McDuffie

Re-Organization and Layoff

One potential creative solution for the problem that the team identified in week two would be to force employees that have been with the company over 20 years into mandatory retirement. For every mandatory retirement that the company forces, that is one potential job saved. Now we are not saying that the company needs to force retire 100 salary employees and 950 union employees, but if even they we able to retire half from each category that would help them stay competitive in the marketplace. We are trying to save jobs. So we need to get rid of the old dinosaurs that are not up with the current trends that GE needs to stay competitive with. Another potential creative solution for the problem could be for GE Transportation to find new, create new, or adjust their current marketing strategies. Clearly orders and productivity are down. If GE was to find a new strategy to boost revenue and productivity then they would not be forced into implementing this layoff plan. Let it say these new strategies boosted productivity by even 20% that can cut down 20% of the 1050 employees they had planned to let go. It is common knowledge that if you have a strong marketing strategy then chances are you will be successful.
Why solutions will work
Forcing employees that have been with the company over 20 years into mandatory retirement is one of the most effective solutions we feel will work. With the lack of jobs, it’s a good idea to force them to a part time job or a complete retirement to give a chance to a younger person that needs to take care of his family. Another reason we feel it’s a good idea because the world is steadily changed and the knowledge becomes outdated, older people can’t keep up with the technology nowadays. New…...

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